No One is Spending Bitcoin For Fear of the Tax Man

Bitcoin Tax Concerns Are Stifling Mainstream Usage

Spending Bitcoin (BTC) may be easy, but mainstream users are avoiding it. There may be one reason – the recent interest of the taxman in digital coins.

Bitcoin Income May Create Taxable Event

Not only US citizens, but also internationals, see the usage of BTC as creating a taxable event. Certainly, the IRS and other entities are not tracking the BTC transactions just yet. However, there are tools to see revenues recognized from crypto-related services.

But there are also doubts that even buying and selling with coins may become taxable, if value was exchanged or services rendered. For most countries, however, an incoming BTC transaction is not counted toward personal or corporate income.

Bitcoin is still not being used for one chief reason – betting on outlandish price appreciation, or even short-term price swings. There is limited options for spending bitcoin on certain luxury goods markets, and other than that, dark market usage is not counted toward the mainstream acceptance of the coin.

Spending BTC is also difficult in periods of increased volatility. In the past month alone, bitcoin price has moved up more than 42% in a day, only to erase the gains and return from $9,400 down to $7,400 in a couple of weeks. For both spenders and merchants, this may discourage usage, especially given the highly distant opportunity of seeing BTC rise to $100,000 or even $1 million and above.

Some countries are stricter than other – Japan, for instance, traces each transaction as a taxable event.

“In Japan as well as the US, tracking every single payment in cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin and others) is required for tax reporting,” Cryptact CEO Amin Azmoudeh said for Longhash.

Fintech Solutions Help Some BTC Deals

As the end of 2019 approaches, liquidating or moving bitcoin now would be listed as a taxable event, at least if fiat changed hands. However, not all gateways are obvious to the taxman, as many deals are performed through OTC platforms and fintech solutions. Because of varying global rules, it is uncertain which services are obliged to report on taxable income. But for instance, apps such as Advcash warn that it is up to the person to make right with tax authorities.

While PayPal has moved away from any involvement with crypto assets, solutions like Alipay and WhatsApp pay also generate turnovers related to crypto deals, and not all are traced.

The weak usage of bitcoin, as well as other coins and tokens promising fast and cheap payments, is also a warning for the eventual launch of Libra, Facebook’s proposed stablecoin. While Litecoin may reach 2.4 billion potential users, the real-use utility will have to compete with fintech apps.

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