Buy crypto with Visa Card feature on Binance.US for Cardano and 0x

U.S. users can now buy crypto with a Visa card thanks to a new feature on Binance.US. The crypto exchange, which is part of Binance has added Cardano (ADA) and 0x (ZRX) to their altcoin offerings in addition to twelve other cryptocurrencies on offer. What’s more; the transactions are instant.

With the ‘instant buy’ function having been integrated on the platform in May, users have a wide range of crypto assets in near real-time. The feature was successfully tested on the platform smartphone version. This appears to be aimed at tapping into the thriving altcoin market by Binance.US.

Buy crypto with Visa Card

Photo source: Binance.US

 Global buy crypto with Visa Card campaigns

The Binance.US buy crypto with Visa Card means that users have access to fourteen tokens accessible to them through a single click. The two new altcoin added will increase the platform’s reach and enhance its route to the market. These two join the native BNB cons and Ripple’s XRP.

The Binance.US buy crypto with Visa Card has been enabled for the global users with restrictions on Chinese, Moroccan, and Iranian users. This is a big milestone for the Binance fraternity. It is a clear indication that the high profile and popular crypto exchange is headed towards complying with the U.S. regulations.

Binance.US buy crypto with Visa Card targeting altcoins

The Binance trading ecosystem has been targeting altcoins. It started with six tokens and has grown to fourteen in a short period. Support for Cardano and 0x was launched in September last year and the support has continued to grow a clear manifestation that altcoins are a key contributor to the exchanges’ volumes.

Earlier this month, the platform unveiled an over the counter (OTC) option for trades involving over $10,000. This allows bulk traders to use the facility without necessarily using the order book. The OTC feature has been successfully launched in the U.S. before by Coinbase and Circle.

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