Is Bitcoin leading the imminent crypto market bull run?

Despite setbacks, crypto market bull runs provide institutional investors and traders ample opportunity to make their foray into the industry.

While local investors are undecided on which financial assets to back during these trying times, crypto traders are still enjoying their huge profits due to the crypto market bull run that occurred recently.

With traditional stock markets posting losses concurrently, Bitcoin and other digital assets have provided investors opportunities to make massive profits.

The digital assets market suffered what could best be described as a major setback to its growth after two of the most influential crypto hedge funds decided to call it quits. Yet, a bull run is seemingly imminent.

Bitcoin likely leading the next crypto market bull run

The crypto market is no stranger to bull runs as it has had its fair share of it, but experts in the sector have confirmed that this bull run is an entirely different one.  According to experts, a massive crypto market bull run should be expected in the space of a year or one year and six months.

The crypto market was the recipient of so many scams as scammers went on a spree to scam crypto holders of their assets. In 2019 alone, scammers were said to have made nothing less than $4 billion after introducing massive schemes to enrich people in a limited time.

These scams had no background or framework but depended on hype to con unsuspecting crypto holders, thereby making massive profits.

The crypto market bull run is imminent as the majority of the projects turned out to be pump and dump and folded up quicker than they entered the crypto market. Bitcoin remained steady through the years,

Stimulus checks might turn investors into Bitcoin

The scam projects’ main aim was to bring profits to the developers and a little bit to those that invested early in the project.

Some critics have pointed accusing fingers at some crypto projects such as Stellar as it has failed investors after making promises of profits. Even with the digital asset enjoying massive adoption, it has failed to reach its full potential.

With the American government amongst other governments all around the world deliberating on sending its citizens another round of stimulus checks, Bitcoin might be the currency that will push the next crypto market bull run.

With Bitcoin noted to be useful in a time like this, it will make a sporadic rise in price when the time comes. In the words of an expert, investing in traditional fiat currency has now grown increasingly difficult than investing in digital assets. 

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