DeFi wallet adds 37 new tokens has revealed that it has added 37 tokens to its DeFi wallet, which will provide users with the luxury of keeping their private keys.

Going by the official statement by the crypto exchange outfit, the new DeFi wallet will house leading tokens in the DeFi sector, including Uniswaps native token (UNI) and yearn finance token (YFI). 

To ensure this wallet places above all other wallets in the crypto market, has announced that it has enabled the wallet to allow traders to have full control over their private keys. Furthermore, the wallet boasts a straightforward interface where users can experience the Decentralized exchange market’s best. DeFi wallet to allow users to keep their private keys

The digital assets exchange firm has further announced that new users do not need to sign up on the platform to own the wallet to provide services such as sending and receiving digital assets. The new DeFi wallet is a custodian wallet built for the users, while the centralized app is an app that is built as a centralized custodian. 

Also, users who own assets on the platform would be covered under the law and enjoy the benefits of owning them. To make it easily accessible to users, the new DeFi Wallet comes with a live price feed that uses Chainlinks reference data. to use Chainlink for live reference data recently unveiled the new CRO, a decentralized reference data built on the Chainlinks network to increase transparency and decentralization. Furthermore, the DeFi swap, which mirrors the Binance-owned Binance swap, will allow traders on the platform swap tokens in decentralized and centralized wallets. 

To add to that, providers of liquidity on the platform would be eligible to earn massive rewards from time to time. With the new DeFi wallet, would witness an influx of new traders and investors in the coming weeks.

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