How the Google and Paytm Controversy has fed the Surge in Bitcoin Use in Online Casinos

On September 18, Google suspended the Paytm app from Google Play. The app was quickly reinstated but the problems must have caused alarm to Indian gamblers because it was intimated that the removal was due to a violation of Google’s gambling policy. Since then, many gamblers in the country have looked to sites like to seek information about alternative payment options. 

Bitcoin was already starting to become popular as a payment option before the latest problems. Now, the issues between Google and Paytm have further increased this popularity. Let’s look at this story in more detail. 

Why Bitcoin was already becoming popular with Indian gamblers 

Online casinos did not immediately embrace the benefits of Bitcoin as a payment option. However, after retailers began to accept Bitcoin, casinos became more interested. 

One of the main benefits is the security of the blockchain technology which is central to the use of Bitcoin. This is because a high level of security is important to anyone who uses an online casino. Bitcoin transactions can also be processed quickly, which is obviously a major concern for players. 

So, it’s easy to see why many Indian gamblers were already starting to embrace Bitcoin before the events of September 18. 

How Google and Paytm issue is leading more people to use Bitcoin 

The popularity of Bitcoin with gamblers in India has been further fuelled by the issues between Google and Paytm.  This is not only due to the original incident but also to the fact that Madhur Deora, the president of Paytm, has spoken out about his concerns regarding Google’s potential monopoly over the Android market in the country. 

This is of great concern in India as 95% of smartphone users in the country have an Android device. This means that Google could potentially have a major influence on how people can use their phones in the country. 

From a gambler’s point of view, this means that they may not be able to access Paytm as a payment option if they are unable to download the app in the future, should there be any further disagreements between Google and Paytm. Therefore, it makes sense to consider other viable payment options such as Bitcoin. This can only serve to increase the use of the cryptocurrency. 

In summary 

There is no doubt that Bitcoin was already being used as a payment option by Indian gamblers prior to what happened on September 18. However, the events of that day have led more people to consider other payment options when playing at an online casino. 

This has increased the number of gamblers who are looking to use Bitcoin. This in turn has led to an increase in popularity for online casinos that offer Bitcoin payments as an option for gamblers in India. It’s difficult to predict the future, but given the current climate, it seems like the surge in Bitcoin use is set to continue. 

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