Watchmaker Breitling is giving out digital certificates on Ethereum

  • The watchmaker Breitling is working with Arianee, to release a new Ethereum-based digital certificate.
  • Arianee will use non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on Ethereum’s network to release the digital certificates.
  • Customers will receive a warranty card that will permit them to scan and install the wallet.

The watchmaker Breitling is cooperating with Arianee, a blockchain builder, to release a new form of digital certificate for validating its timepieces.

A report by TechCrunch reveals that the renowned watch manufacturer wants to progress from long-established physical certificates and offer customers a special “digital passport” that verifies the genesis of the watch. Arianee will utilize non-fungible tokens (NFTs) running on Ethereum’s network to distribute the digital certificates.

The eminent watches will be bought with a warranty card that will permit buyers to scan and install the Arianee wallet. Purchasers can then connect their watch to the online wallet, which will show the serial number and operation date of the agreement. The digital certificate can be sent to other possessors who install the wallet.

Breitling is the first opulent watch producer to provide an Ethereum-based digital passport for its time productions. As time progresses, the watch manufacturer plans to upgrade the digital certificate by recording timestamps for rectifications. The digital certificate will be linked to the wallet address to ensure user privacy.

Breitling’s success story

Léon Breitling was an experienced watch creator who crafted both timepieces and smart calculation implements in his workshop. He concentrated on chronographs, which were popular at the time for industrial and scientific purposes. Within a short time, his novel pieces gave his company a good name.

The highly esteemed watchmaker introduced the Chronospace in 2010. The masterpiece comprises a one-hundredth of a second chronograph, a digital display with an alarm, and several other functions. In May 2017, Breitling joined CVC Capital Partners and appointed a new CEO in July of that year – Georges kern, who continues Breitling’s rich tradition.

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