Bitcoin ATMs Continue to Spread Across the Globe

There are now over 4,000 bitcoin ATMs throughout the world, global statistics provided by show. Nearly all of them support bitcoin (BTC) and a growing number are supporting bitcoin cash (BCH). Most of the machines, also known as BATMs, can be found in the U.S., though their presence is steadily growing, not only in developed European countries, but in Latin America and Asia too. 

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The US and Europe

According to data from, the U.S. has the highest number of crypto ATMs, with 2,493 – or 55.9 percent – of the world’s BATMs. 45 out of 50 states have at least one cryptocurrency ATM, with California leading with 475, followed by Illinois with 252. Chicago alone holds around 226. Other states with high numbers of ATMs include New York, with 131, and Georgia, which has 121 of the machines in its capital Atlanta. North America as a whole, including Canada, has 71.7 percent, or 2,981 of the world’s crypto ATMs.

Europe holds the second highest number of cryptocurrency ATMs, with 23.1 percent, or 958. Crypto-friendly Austria claims the crown, with 270, and the U.K. is not far behind having 214. Growth in has been steady in both the U.K. and Austria since last year, despite BTC losing over 70 percent of its value in this time. Other countries with relatively high numbers of crypto ATMs include Spain (65), Czech Republic (65), Russia (46), and Switzerland (45).


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