XRP Has Made Ripples This Week

Despite seeing a week of harsh markets, falling prices and pessimistic investors, XRP has continued to press on and make progress, despite it remaining very much undervalued. Thanks to falling market prices, the market cap of XRP has once again surpassed Ethereum, bringing XRP back up to second place, way behind the huge market cap of Bitcoin. As we know, this switch first occurred towards the end of 2018, however through the start of 2019, thanks to a more optimistic market, Ethereum did eventually take the second place spot back. With this in mind and based on recent developments, we can see that XRP is still promising to increase its market cap through 2019. We don’t expect XRP to overtake Bitcoin this year, though it wouldn’t be totally unrealistic to argue that in a couple of years time, it could.

The market cap of XRP will grow as more institutions start to use Ripple’s technologies, this is because as Ripple grows and as their services grow, more people are looking to switch out their Bitcoin for XRP in the hope that eventually, the value of XRP will surge and offer a great return for investors. Indeed, this could happen, given that many people believe XRP should be valued at around $10.00, a far cry from today’s low value.


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