LIQNET – liquidity focused cryptocurrency exchange

LIQNET.COM is a Singapore-based cryptocurrency exchange. But really it’s very different from any exchange you’ve seen before. More correctly would be to call LIQNET an exchange aggregator. LIQNET collects orders from other cryptocurrency exchanges into one single interface and allows users to trade at the best prices and large volumes.

So why is liquidity important? Liquidity is always a problem in a bear crypto-market. For a crypto whale, low liquidity basically means that you will not be able to buy or sell a significant amount of coins and miss out on profits or even lose money. According to a research conducted by the Blockchain Transparency Institute, more than 80% of  the volume exchanges show is fake. These exchanges are trying very hard to show that they are active and they have users and liquidity. Well, LIQNET is thinking outside the box here and aiming to disrupt the market with their own liquidity pooling technology.


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