Ripple (XRP) Might Break Past $0.40 On Upcoming Partnership Announcements

Ripple (XRP) CEO Brad Garlinghouse has already said that banks are ready to hop on XRP. We are not far from the day when almost every bank in the world will be connected to Ripple (XRP) one way or the other. The number of new partners is growing every passing day. Investors have seen a lot of these partnership announcements the past few months, but now they want to see actual XRP use and this time they are going to get to witness that. In fact, Euro Exim Bank and many other partners are ready to pull the trigger soon as the price of XRP stabilizes. The cryptocurrency market is still in a bear trend and a lot of investors are not convinced that we have bottomed out yet.

The average investor might not have a problem seeing XRP/USD fluctuate 5% in a day but for financial institutions this is deal breaker. However, we have reason to believe that all that is going to change and Ripple (XRP) adoption is going to rise in the months ahead. After the bear market, we will have a prolonged period of sideways movement during which time the banks and other financial institutions will have the ideal opportunity to experiment with XRP in real life. A lot of banks have tested XRP and found it to be quite helpful to their businesses but they are yet to test it live. We believe that 2019 is going to be the year when we will see all of that happen.


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