Stellar (XLM) And IBM Ready To Push Distributed Ledger Technology Adoption

Stellar (XLM) is one of the top distributed ledger platforms in this space that has a real shot at mainstream adoption. All sorts of companies from Amazon to Starbucks are going to be using distributed ledger technology in the months and years ahead. It is only a matter of time before they make the transition. Major tech giants have already chosen their favorite platforms to back for the revolution that is about to come. IBM has chosen Stellar (XLM) to be its partner in this mission. They are joined by other reputed companies like Deloitte. Together, these companies can make distributed ledger technology accessible to all sorts of businesses.

IBM is not as big a company as Microsoft or Amazon but there is something that differentiates IBM from both of them. It is company that revolves around perfection in innovation. From the birth of the internet right unto the present day, all things IBM have an aura of perfection to them. This explains why they chose Stellar and not some other blockchain for their ambitious blockchain adoption program. They have already rolled out a service, IBM Blockchain World Wire to push for cross borders payments solutions. IBM is already a major service provider to major corporations which means they already have the reach. All they need to do now is push for adoption.


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