BAYC NFTs Dropping to 8-Months Low – New NFT Projects Shaping Industry Future

The hype around Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) NFTs seems to have cooled off, and that’s evident by its floor price continuing to drop. The platform’s native token, ApeCoin, has also struggled to make higher lows and its current price has plummeted 81% from the all-time high set in April 2022.

But that hasn’t been the fate of all NFT projects. Some have flourished because of their use cases and developments that have made investments and returns more favorable.

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NFT Projects on the Rise

Let’s take a closer look at popular NFT projects setting a new trend in this ecosystem.

1. Lucky Block

Investors want several streams of income from their investments, which is exactly what Lucky Block offers. Lucky Block is an NFT competition platform enabling investors to win major prizes by holding Lucky Block NFTs. Some of the main prizes offered are $1 million in Bitcoin, a house worth $1 million, a Lamborghini and video game consoles such as PS5s.

To get started, investors need to buy LBLOCK, the platform’s native token. The great thing about this new NFT project is that it is constantly looking for ways to improve the ecosystem and make it easier for investors to receive rewards.

A major development in Lucky Block has been the LBLOCK V2. It’s an ERC20 token that has resulted in listings on a few main exchanges, enabling investors not to pay tax when buying or selling it. Some of the exchanges that have listed Lucky Block are LBank, MEXC and a listing on scheduled for 1 September 2022.

LBLOCK has provided investors who held the coin since its inception with huge capital gains. And what’s helped the price to pump is new exchange listings. So the listing that’s soon due on will definitely provide LBLOCK with more exposure and could result in a price rise since this is an NFT and a crypto project.

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2. Tamadoge


Another new NFT project that has been making a buzz in the crypto space is Tamadoge. It’s a platform enabling investors to earn in several ways while entertaining themselves. This play to earn game lets players feed, exercise and breed digital pets to compete for the highest leaderboard rankings.

Players that have groomed their pets the best receive the biggest rewards, which can be exchanged for other currencies. Tamadoge is also constantly working on developing its platform, and some of the next phases of its project include a P2E arcade that’s going to make player and pet interaction more realistic.

While the game is set in the Tamaverse, its native token, TAMA, has already generated tremendous interest amongst investors. The coin is currently in its presale stage, which has raised almost $7 million in a few weeks. Due to the coin’s popularity, it’s already headed for a listing on a centralized exchange LBank. And its decentralized exchange listing will be on Uniswap.

TAMA’s increased exposure could result in a higher demand for the coin and eventually lead to a price pump. But another factor makes this coin and upcoming NFT game different from many others. TAMA is a deflationary coin with a supply of 2 billion tokens. The platform plans to burn 5% of all tokens spent on the platform, thereby significantly reducing its supply over time.

Cryptocurrency projects such as Dogecoin have more coins added to their supply, but Tamadoge aims to make its coin more scarce so that investors will rush to get it and that should push TAMA’s price up.

Considering that Tamadoge is currently in its presale, the best time to get in is right now. The prices offered for TAMA are discounted and may never be seen again. Investors can stay up to date with this project by subscribing to the Tamadoge Telegram channel.

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3. Quint

Quint is a platform that enables investors to benefit in several ways by investing in this crypto project. Some of its offerings include a super staking platform, an NFT marketplace and a Quint Shop, enabling Quint token holders exclusive access.

One of the ways Quint enables investors to make money with crypto is with its super staking platform. Investors can earn rewards and luxury prizes such as watches and exotic holidays. Its staking pool enables investors to lock in their Quint tokens to receive an annual percentage yield, which auto compounds.

Quint’s staking platform also offers investors to get a piece of real-world real estate. Investors can get a share of luxury real estate with fractional ownership by investing in Quint’s DeFi ecosystem.

Its NFT marketplace is for connoisseurs desiring tailored-made NFTs designed by creators who have a knack for luxury pieces and understand the importance of installing NFTs into token frames.

Investors holding Quint tokens and NFTs can access the Quint Shop to buy merchandise. The Quint community can also use the shop to bid for limited edition Quint merchandise via the auctioning facility.

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4. Silks

Silks is the ideal platform for horse lovers. The best part about this NFT ecosystem is that it combines the real world with the digital. The platform’s developers wanted to incorporate the births of real-world thoroughbreds into the virtual realm, so they created Silks.

This play to earn game uses public data of real-world thoroughbreds and links them to NFTs. It also tracks the horse’s progress to ensure that its development also reflects in the game. This cool NFT project ensures that investors earn token rewards when a real horse wins races.

Players can also earn rewards in several ways. One of the ways is by breeding horses. Another way is to build up their land and convert them into horse farms. Players can also earn the Silks governance token, SLK, by contributing to the ecosystem.

It’s also possible for players to monetize their land to earn rewards. Players can buy and trade horses to build up a stable of racing champions.

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The Verdict

Although all four NFT platforms provide use cases and rewards, we found Lucky Block to be the best NFT project. Holders of the Lucky Block token can enter competitions to win huge prizes, but they can also stand to profit from LBLOCK’s capital gains.

LBLOCK had massive price pumps, yielding investors more than 10x during exchange listings. Considering its listing is scheduled for any day now, LBLOCK may have another price pump as it gains more exposure.


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