Market Chaos: ApeCoin and Immutable Crash, Everlodge Emerges as the Ultimate Investment Savior!

Although the cryptocurrency market continues its range-bound trading, some assets are under bearish pressure. Among them are ApeCoin and Immutable, suffering huge price dips. As a result, many investors are now migrating to Everlodge, which promises more gains.

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ApeCoin Price Nears Critical Level 

Since rallying above $6.3 in January, the price of Apecoin has been on a decline. The incessant decline has led to a drop to $1.12 in September. APE also set an all-time low in the same month as it plunged to $1.08.

Despite recovering to $1.12, there are concerns about a potential drop for Apecoin. The altcoin has never traded under $1, and a drop below this level could cast a bleak future over Apecoin. However, the team behind the project is trying to salvage things.

After a proposal to add a sister DAO, BAYC has partnered with Bathing Ape (BAPE), a Japanese fashion store. As part of the collaboration, they will launch a physical NFT collection at ApeFest in Hong Kong. This could serve as a boost to prevent the Apecoin value from dipping below $1.

Immutable (IMX) Price Dips Despite Recent Expansion

Another crypto that has struggled with bearish pressure is Immutable X (IMX). The recent decline comes amidst an expansion of its service, the Immutable Passport. The Passport was launched earlier this year for the Web 3 gaming industry.

The Passport has garnered attention from partners across the Immutable marketplace and outside. Despite the expansion of the IMX marketplace, the price of the token has remained bearish. 

Since the brief pump in on September 21, the price of IMX has been on a decline. After rallying to $0.75, the Immutable X price has dropped to a low of $0.5785. In addition, there has been a significant drop in the daily trading volume of IMX.

Investors Turn To Everlodge (ELDG) for Recovery 

The declining price of ApeCoin and Immutable has led to investors migrating to Everlodge (ELDG) for recovery. The growing interest in Everlodge is due to the strong bullish predictions about the project. The project has the potential to disrupt the timeshare sector by introducing a hybrid property co-ownership model

Unlike traditional timeshares, Everlodge will allow investors to participate in the industry with as little as $100. The project will partner with top hotel brands and luxury real estate developers to select the hotels and luxury homes that will be listed on the platform.

The ownership details of these properties will be minted on fractional NFTs. Because they are on fractional NFTs, investors can own these properties with as little as $100. These NFTs can freely be traded across different platforms, increasing the liquidity of the timeshares markets. 

As a one-of-a-kind initiative in the $280 trillion global real estate industry, Everlodge has been projected to be a blue-chip project. At the time of this writing, Everlodge is in its fourth stage and sells for $0.019. Investors can expect up to a 20x price surge for Everloge in 2023 as the platform gains prominence.

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