Trending BTCBSC Presale Crosses $1.5 Million – What’s the Big Deal About the Stake-to-Earn Bitcoin Alternative?

The crypto market has been lukewarm for some time now. Mainstream assets are struggling to pick up their speed and reverse the losses of the previous downturn. 

Despite that, the Bitcoin BSC (BTCBSC) presale is showing no signs of a slow-down. Disillusioned by established cryptocurrencies with high market caps, investors are finding a haven in the bitcoin alternative that comes with excellent stake-to-earn rewards. 

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An alternative to Bitcoin built on the Binance Smart Chain (BNB), BTCBSC is now hosting a presale that has become a crypto sensation. At the time of writing, the coin is past the $1.5M milestone. 

Thinking Ahead of the Market 

The traditional market is still apprehensive about diving deep into the crypto market. They are captivated by the rags-to-riches tales of crypto millionaires. But not enough to explore beyond heavyweights like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, and Dogecoin, among others.

Investors tend to forget that these assets have their market caps in the billions already. They don’t have much room for growth. Their realistic ROI projections are in two digits. For example, BTC has climbed just 16.29% up the charts in a year. Ethereum, on the other hand, has lost 7.31% during the same period. 

Why do people still pour money into cryptocurrencies then? Distressed investors often wonder. 

Because the market continues to make money for strategic investors. Pepe, Rollbit, and Bitcoin Cash are good examples of cryptocurrencies that have given generous returns this year. BTCBSC is predicted to soon enter the list. 


Rollbit 1-year price action, CoinMarketCap

Following the herd is key to understanding the market direction, but it will only take an investor so far. What is more important is thinking ahead of the market. 

To further illustrate the point, let’s take a look at the Bitcoin journey over the years. Although currently trading at $26,001.02, Bitcoin had humble beginnings. In 2011, it was selling for around a dollar. The digital gold was confined to tech enthusiasts and insiders in that era, as the broader market had yet to embrace cryptocurrencies.

Those who understood the long-term market relevance of the asset went on to make millions from their penny investment. At one point, BTC was selling above $60,000. The immediate price predictions touch above $100,000 now, with the Bitcoin halving event approaching. 

BTCBSC Has the Spotlight this Month

Bitcoin is the world’s biggest cryptocurrency. But there's little point in buying BTC today and hoping for astronomical returns. Instead, investors have understood that seeking out promising new cryptocurrencies with lower market capitalizations yields better returns. 

Projects like BTCBSC provide them hope. Especially with Bitcoin halving on the horizon, Bitcoin BSC has high potential for explosive price action in the coming months. As expected, the BTCBSC presale is fuelling frenzy and FOMO.

The new cryptocurrency offers investors who missed out on BTC in its early days an opportunity to onboard a similar bull run at a low price point. Currently selling for just $0.99, the token leverages the smart contract capabilities of Binance Smart Chain (BNB), ensuring enhanced speed, security, and efficiency in its operations.

More importantly, it comes with stake-to-earn utilities. So, Bitcoin BSC is not another Bitcoin clone with a deceptive pump-and-dump scheme or a fork. It is a robust project that benefits from both value appreciation and passive income. 

Low Initial Market Cap Hints at an Explosive Launch 

It has only been a few days since the presale went live, and it targets a modest soft cap of $3,960,000. At the current pace, the BTCBSC presale will sell out much ahead of schedule, leaving plenty of pent-up energy.

To put it in numbers, 29% of the total token supply or 6,125,000 tokens will be sold in the presale, making the initial market cap $6,063,750. That’s considerably low. The low initial market cap, combined with the FOMO is an ideal combination for an explosive token launch. 

And given the rapid progress of the presale, it won't be long before Bitcoin BSC makes its debut on top-tier exchanges.

Staking and Passive Income 

The hype around BTCBSC and the rapid presale progress can’t be just attributed to its scope for value appreciation. When staking BTCBSC in the native contract, investors are also signing up to get attractive rewards for years to come. It is 100% passive income. 

69% of the total token supply has been allocated as staking rewards. They are distributed to participants every 10 minutes, mimicking Bitcoin's block schedule. There are no restrictions to buying or staking BTCBSC, but there is a 7-day lock on withdrawals. 

The passive income you receive is determined by your share of the total staking pool.

Since BTCBSC has found its home in BNB Smart Chain, there is also the added benefit of lower gas fees compared to other blockchain networks. Transactions are faster and more cost-effective.

BTCBSC Presale is Live for a Limited Period at $0.99

The listing price and initial market cap of BTCBSC are set low to kindle strong price action. 

For a short period of time before the token launch, BTCBSC will sell for a fixed price of $0.99 per token. The price mirrors the BTC price in 2011. If BTCBSC manages to replicate even a small percentage of BTC's performance over the years, it will find its way to the top charts this year. 

The presale is live on the Bitcoin BSC Website. It is past the $1.5M milestone at the time of writing. Anyone interested in the project can get started with an investment as small as $10 using  BNB, ETH, and USDT. You will need a compatible crypto wallet such as MetaMask or Wallet Connect to access the presale. 

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