Uniglo (GLO), Convex Finance (CVX) And Synthetix (SNX) Show Great Gains Come From Solid Concepts

If you want to set your portfolio up for the biggest chance of success, you need to invest in solid projects. While people have made money from memecoins and sentiment-driven price pumps in the past, this isn’t sustainable. And it’s also much harder to do right now as we’re in a bear run. You can’t just pick a token that’s pumping and hope it continues to pump. This would be a mistake. But you can still make money, and set yourself up for great long-term gains, even in the current climate. You just have to invest in solid projects that have the best concepts, and the best execution. These might take a bit more research to find, but they’re the best way to viably set yourself up for gains further down the line.

It’s also a good idea to look more at the long-term rather than the short. That’s because those hourly charts are highly volatile right now, and if you see dips, you might lose confidence. Consider investing in solid concepts and ignoring their day-to-day price changes. Think about things with a wider view, and come back in a few months to see how your holdings have skyrocketed. You might also want to invest in projects that are in their earliest stages. While this can be risky as some new projects amount to nothing, if you pick the right ones, you could be setting yourself up for much bigger upsides. It can be much more profitable investing like this than jumping on already-big coins like BTC. That’s where most newcomers put their money, but they’re making a mistake because BTC has already made most of its gains. Even if it returns to previous all-time highs, you’ll still only roughly be tripling your money based on current prices. While there’s undoubtedly still a space for BTC in the future for crypto (a big one), the best gains are made elsewhere. Let’s have a look at some good options analysts are recommending right now…

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Uniglo (GLO)

Uniglo brings some of the strongest deflationary ideas the space has ever seen, and executes them perfectly. It’s got ultra-burn technology to make it more and more scarce over time, alongside a community-driven approach that values all its users. This, alongside a full asset-backed vault which protects the value of its price. That’s why analysts love GLO right now, and you should do too.

Convex Finance (CVX)

Convex gives users a simple interface that boosts rewards for everyone. It’s one of the simplest ways to earn a passive income in crypto, and could be key in taking DeFi benefits further into the mainstream. That’s why CVX is also recommended for your portfolio.

Synthetix (SNX)

Synthetix is another DeFi investment platform that makes it easy for everyone to earn an income. It introduces a range of derivatives trading options, to bring them in line with those in mainstream finance. It’s got a strong future, so check it out.

Analysts really like the look of SNX, CVX and especially GLO right now. They’ve got great concepts, and they could have great gains real soon.

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