Unleashing the potential of Financial Technology and Accelerating Financial Inclusion Through Digital Adoption

The 4th Edition of Connected Banking will be held in Nairobi, Kenya this year

Africa is fully embracing the potential of financial technology, in spite of various challenges. There have also been several positive developments that give hope to steer towards a more financially inclusive environment, such as the rise of the mobile money economy and improving infrastructure, as well as the recognition by national governments to support the design and implementation of digital identity schemes. 

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In order to remain relevant, banks are being forced to reconsider how they operate their businesses. Bankers who have been relying on traditional methods are under pressure to transform their business and operating models by adopting innovative digital ways.

With this as a driver The International Center for Strategic Alliances (ICSA), organizers of the Leading Banking summit Connected Banking 2022- (Formerly Africa’s Digital Banking Summit). is all set to go live with the 4th Edition Connected Banking East Africa, which is themed as “Accelerating Financial Inclusion Through Digital Adoption”.

The One-day Summit will witness inputs by leaders and experts from the Banking Industry. The Summit goes live, on the 22th of September 2022 in Nairobi, with a concurrent virtual stream with almost 250+ delegates in attendance.

The Summit will witness insights and inputs from leaders like Konstantin Tsanis from World Bank; Faheem Ali from Elite Digital Solutions; Sahil Arya from Gulf African Bank; Shaun Edmeston from Absa Group; and many more who will touch upon key areas like Crafting a Cashless Economy; Customer Experience and Digital Transformation; Role of AI, ML and Robotics in Financial Services; Accelerating Digital Transformation.

The Connected Banking 2022 historically has been bringing together the best minds from leading institutions to engage in an open, constructive dialogue with peers, industry subject matter experts and policy czars and this year promises to be even better and bigger. Connected Banking will offer latest and actionable insights, networking opportunities, a chance to learn from the best in the business, and get ahead of the competition.

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International Centre for Strategic Alliances is a group of leading industry professionals and innovators. Our core actions comprise of innovations and use case scenarios of industry leaders, by our research and from leading information sources for businesses and professionals all over the world.

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