What are the Cryptoleaks’ claims that Ava Labs CEO calls rubbish?

Ava Labs CEO Emin Gün Sirer has refuted the allegations against him and his company by cryptoleaks. According to the crypto exchange executive, such allegations are nothing but conspiracy theories to smear his good name and that of his company in the crypto market. In the leaked documents, Cryptoleaks mentioned that the firm used litigation as a weapon to harm other exchanges in the market while also using it to fool regulators.

Ava Labs CEO distances his company from the allegations

The Ava Labs CEO’s thread on his Twitter page questioned how people quickly believed such lies about him and his companies. In the leaked document, cryptoleaks said that the company conspired with a law firm to go after other crypto organizations in the market. The document mentioned that the said legal firm, Roche Freedman, leveraged the American law system to attack the organizations.

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Sirer noted that the company has never been and will never be involved in unethical dealings and activities. The platform executive also noted that their work and services could speak of how law abiding and plain have been over the years. In the released document, a video containing an attorney of the legal firm mentioned above talked in detail about his relationship with Sirer and the current COO of the crypto platform.

The document reveals Ava Labs’ shady deals

The document claimed that both firms have an inside agreement to help each other with Ava Labs parting with some of its tokens as payment to the firm. In this agreement, cryptoleaks claimed that it contained another agreement whereby the law firm would help the crypto firm evade legal sanctions from authorities while pointing their focus to other firms. The document also noted that Sirer and Roche had a very close relationship back in school before both parties agreed to work in the same space some few years back.

Reacting to the news, Changpeng Zhao, the CEO of Binance, mentioned that he had seen a lot of deep fakes to spoil firms’ reputations. However, he assumes that if they are not fake, then it is the truth, as his company has been one of those targeted. Roche also mentioned in another video that he directs the focus of regulators to other companies in the market as it uses litigation to increase competition.

The law firm has been pursuing a lawsuit involving Solana over the last few weeks. In the suit, it claimed that the company sold unregistered securities to traders, thereby violating the laws of the US. Before that, it filed against Binance, noting that the crypto entity sold UST to trades illegally. The law firm has yet to debunk the news at this time as the Ava Labs CEO continues to try to clear the air regarding the allegations.

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