5 Best Metaverse Crypto Projects to Buy in 2022

A report by Citi has predicted that the fledgling Metaverse economy could be worth $13 trillion by 2030. In the last few years, we have witnessed the growth of metaverse cryptos as they have provided high returns to investors.

This guide will discuss the best metaverse crypto projects to buy in 2022.

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5 Best Metaverse Cryptos to Buy in 2022

The sections below review the top 5 metaverse cryptocurrency projects to invest in 2022.

1.    Tamadoge

We recommend Tamadoge (TAMA) as the best metaverse cryptocurrency to buy in 2022. TAMA is the native crypto token of the Tamaverse – a play-to-earn (P2E) metaverse platform that offers in-game rewards to platform members.

Built on the Ethereum network, TAMA is capable of deploying smart contracts to mint NFTs. One of the main tradable elements of the Tamadoge ecosystem is the Tamadoge pets – virtual dog-like avatars that are minted as tradable NFTs. Players can buy the pets from the Tama store and use these characters to compete for points on a monthly leaderboard.

The top performers are rewarded with TAMA from P2E prize pools on Tamadoge. One of the best ERC20 tokens, TAMA, will also be used as the main currency of the upcoming Tamadoge app – an AR-based app that will retain the P2E dynamics as the web-based protocol. Moreover, the team is working on a P2E-style arcade, which will offer physical Tamadoge rewards to participants.

TAMA is available to buy on presale now. The project met its beta presale targets of $2 million in just over a week and is currently looking to collect $19 million to conclude the presale.

Once the presale ends, the token will be deployed on LBank – a popular centralized exchange (CEX). This will help increase the token’s trading volume and potentially lead to a price increase.

Join the Tamadoge Telegram Channel to stay updated with all the latest news and information related to this new crypto project. Telegram admins will never DM you first.

2.    Battle Infinity

Battle Infinity (IBAT) is a P2E metaverse crypto project that aims to combine gaming elements with decentralized finance (DeFI) opportunities for platform members. Players can take part in the Battle Arena – the metaverse of this project, where all characters and items have been minted as NFTs.

Players can build their own avatars on the IBAT Battle Market – where each avatar and item is created using ERC 721 smart protocols. The NFTs can be purchased with IBAT – the native crypto token. Furthermore, rewards are distributed using the token to improve liquidity.

IBAT can be purchased on the IBAT Battle Swap – a decentralized exchange (DEX) where IBAT is stored and can be swapped with other popular cryptos. Moreover, the IBAT Battle Stake features staking opportunities to deposit tokens and accumulate potentially high APYs (Annual Percentage Yields).

Battle Infinity envisions the Battle Arena as a virtual ecosystem where players can join via VR headsets and engage in concerts and different events. But, the token launch was a key focus before the metaverse project can be ready.

Battle Infinity (IBAT)just concluded one of the best crypto presales of 2022 after its 90-day presale sold out in just over 3 weeks. Afterwards, the IBAT token was listed on PancakeSwap – the global DEX. The token reached a price of $0.01 – a 600% gain from the presale price.

Currently, IBAT is available to purchase at $0.005 per token. To get updates, subscribe to Battle Infinity’s Telegram channel. Telegram admins will never DM you first.

3.    Enjin

Built on the Ethereum blockchain, Enjin is an online gaming platform that provides crypto-backed value to participants. For example, players can access tools like software development kits (SDKs), game plugins, wallets and more.

Using Enjin, participants can easily buy, sell and trade virtual goods such as NFTs. The network uses Enjin (ENJ) as its utility token. ENJ is used to directly back the value of NFTS minted within the Enjin ecosystem.

This top metaverse crypto soared in value towards the beginning of 2021. Trading at $0.1 in January 2021, ENJ reached a price of $3.4 in April of the same year. Moreover, ENJ reached an all-time high (ATH) of $4.85 by the end of 2021.

However, ENJ has corrected to a price of $0.5 in August 2022, with a market cap of over $500 million.

4.    Quint

Quint aims to be a revolutionary crypto token that looks to combine the metaverse with reality. QUINT, the native token of the Quint platform, is created on the Binance Smart chain and leverages smart protocols to offer many staking, trading and NFT trading opportunities.

Quint provides a unique super-staking pool, used for more than simply earning interest on tokens. The platform allows participants to win real-world luxury rewards such as watches and holiday packages. Moreover, investors can join the Boutique NFT marketplace to buy, sell and trade NFTs.

Whenever an NFT minted on Quint is purchased, a physical digital tokenframe is created and distributed to the owners. After trading at only $0.04 in April 2022, QUINT reached an ATH of $2.8 in June. This equates to a 6900% price increase in under two months.

5.    Decentraland

Decentraland is the top metaverse crypto that lets players participate in its virtual real-estate ecosystem. On the Decentraland metaverse, players can buy, sell and trade plots of property known as LAND. Built on the Ethereum network, each LAND piece is created as an ERC 721 token.

Players can buy and sell these pieces of LAND with MANA – an ERC-20 token and the native cryptocurrency of Decentraland. Serving as the platform’s currency, MANA is also used for advertising NFT billboards and settling transactions for the available games on Decentraland.

MANA reached an ATH of $5.90 in 2021 after trading at only $0.025 in 2015. Currency, investors can purchase MANA for only $0.84 per token.


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