5 practical tips for crypto trading: Facing the challenges of a crypto winter

After an interview with Newstex, the Cryptopolitan team continues to spruce up and gear up the site for the coming challenges of crypto winter. How can crypto journalists write about prices dropping and the beleaguered crypto communities moaning in dismay?

… the combined market capitalization of all cryptocurrencies has fallen below a trillion dollars, indicating that the market is firmly immersed in “crypto winter.”


The “bloodbath” in the cryptocurrency space has seen 103,518 traders having their accounts liquidated as Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies sell-off, a day after the United States Federal Reserve handed down its policy decision to increase the interest rate by half a percentage point.

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Finding the “heart of the matter” has always been a challenge. While remaining objective and not passing any judgments, our journalists must rise to the challenge to present news with fresh discoveries and lessons learned.

The first challenge is going directly to the source to find the news. This part is tricky because facts get diluted and embellished as they spread from the primary source. Maintaining neutrality and transparency is easier said than done, but our editors and writers know the drill. Our seasoned journalists already know to avoid the pitfall of fake news.

Then again, we will never stop singing praises to blockchain and crypto, because like babes in the woods, we were suckled by our crypto wolf foster mother, like Romulus and Remus.  We are committed to enlightening our readers about the basics and ramifications of blockchain through our neutral and transparent medium. This is the path we love walking despite the “bloody mess”.

Here’s the first of our Cryptopolitan Stories. May you all enjoy the 5 Tips for Crypto Trading as we enjoy bringing them to you!

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