6 Unique Features of REV3AL Technology

REV3AL is an advanced anti-counterfeit technology that secures valuable NFTs and digital assets. It uses unique authentication and encryption methods to authenticate the originality of digital assets on-chain and off-chain. These authentication and encryption methods are also not limited to the digital space. 

Comparing REV3AL and Sift  

The REV3AL system and Sift share some common characteristics, as both systems monitor and verify financial procedures and transactions. However, they differ on many levels too. While REV3AL focuses on the authentication of digital assets, Sift monitors traditional financial transactions. REV3AL functions as an API integrated into NFT marketplaces to allow these platforms to ensure the authenticity and originality of non-fungible digital assets and intellectual property. 

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Features of REV3AL technology

REV3AL is unique to any other authentication tool available in traditional and decentralized finance. It specializes in counterfeit detection and guarantees the safety of digital assets. 

Its API also supports many other potential use cases such as merchandise and licensing, gaming, and education systems. Its versatility makes it an essential tool for businesses and participants in the NFT and digital assets space to protect their portfolios and brand.

Some of the key features that make the REV3AL system different from other tools are:

Advanced security features

The REV3AL system uses advanced security features and encryption to protect documents from duplication and counterfeiting. Other features include watermarks, holograms, microprinting, etc. 

Wide range of applications

REV3AL technology integrates seamlessly with different systems, including NFTs, gaming, education, merchandise and licensing, advertising and events, stock images and footage, medicine, and identity verification.

Easy to use

The REV3AL system is easy to use. Its user-friendly integration API adapts efficiently to standard business models, NFT marketplaces, and private user demands.


The REV3AL system is a cost-effective solution for all classes of users that need to protect their assets and reputation. It does not require up-front payments or hidden charges to create or deploy.

Blockchain-powered market

The REV3AL system also includes an NFT marketplace that runs on its novel multi-layer and multi-factor authentication system. It will facilitate buying and selling digital assets in safe and secure blockchain-based environments for all participants. 

The NFT marketplace will allow for transparent, immutable, and irreversible transactions for digital asset classes such as artwork, music, E-IDs, and event tickets. REV3AL also optimizes efficiency in the authentication process without compromising security. 

These different features work together to prevent fraud and protect intellectual property owners.

Unique ID for verification 

Digital asset owners, collectors, and creators can use REV3AL’s native token to apply and verify security layers. Each asset protected with REV3AL technology is assigned a unique ID.

REV3AL community token users will assist in this capacity in exchange for various perks and rewards. The unique token ID is incorporated into digital assets at multiple levels to generate a new REV3AL ID, which is available on the blockchain. Cross-referencing these two IDs is just one of many verification layers to authenticate digital assets for originality.  


REV3AL delivers a unique value to the digital assets market and plays a leading role in protecting intellectual property and licensing rights. REV3AL technology introduces a new standard for the NFT market by providing a state-of-the-art asset authentication process.

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