Andrew Tate is Pro Crypto, But Which Coins Does He Invest In?

Controversial social media star Andrew Tate has been ‘de-platformed’ and ‘canceled’ by all the big sites after they found his views on women violated policies on hate speech.

Tate became one of the online biggest stars of 2022 with numerous clips of his rants and lifestyle going viral and his fans promoting his views. His backing of cryptocurrency is also now starting to get attention.

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Who is Andrew Tate?

Andrew Tate shot to fame in 2022 after his rants on masculinity and misogyny went viral and his posing and boasts of immense wealth gained him an army of fans – described as an ‘army of lonely, angry men’ by GQ.

The social media star was born in the US, the son of an international chess master and catering assistant, and grew up in the UK. He later became a kickboxing world champion in two weight classes with the International Sport Karate Association and also won two of two fights in mixed martial arts.

He first gained some level of public fame after appearing on UK Big Brother in 2016, getting kicked off the reality TV show as homophobic and racist comments on Twitter became public and a video where he appeared to repeatedly beat a woman with a belt made the news – both he and the women featured later claimed the actions were “consensual”.

He then became known in far-right media circles having repeatedly praised British far-right activist Tommy Robinson and for arriving at the front door of a journalist who had criticized Robinson, as well as meeting with well-known pro-Donald Trump activists and posing with Brexit advocate Nigel Farage.

Tate claims to have made millions after a move to Romania saw him set up a webcam business where models tell “sob stories” to get men to part with cash, as well as investing in the casino business in the country. He later claimed a big part of the reason for the move is his belief Romainan police were less likely to pursue rape and sexual assault allegations.

In April 2022 his home was raided by Romanian police amid reports an American woman had been abducted and was being kept there. The investigation is ongoing.

Tate’s profile exploded throughout 2022 and he racked up tens of billions of combined social media impressions on a variety of sites – YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Twitch and others – winning impressionable young fans and haters in equal measure for his views on women, pick up tips, his seemingly lavish lifestyle and more.

He also founded Hustler’s University, a website where members pay $50 a month for advice on dropshipping, crypto trading and affiliate marketing, and claimed to have more than 150,000 members.

A large part of Tate’s social media growth in 2022 came from members posting videos in an effort to boost engagement and earn their own cash, with some critics branding it a pyramid scheme.

He has been dubbed the King of Misogyny by some – and the Incel King by others – but was finally kicked off of various social media sites for violating their policies on hate speech, receiving permanent bans from a number of the platforms

In a previous interview on the James English podcast in 2021, Tate described himself as “absolutely sexist and absolutely a misogynist”, but in early August 2022 – shortly before his social media bans – said he was playing an “online character”, adding: “It has nothing to do for hate for women. It’s simply about good and bad people. My mother is my hero.”

In a “final message” after receiving his ban, Tate claimed his views have been taken out of context because of their editing. He told the Independent: “I have some responsibility to bear. I still blame myself, because my rise has been so meteoric and I became so famous so quickly.

“My responsibility is that any negative connotations in my videos are removed. The way you say things in a video that gets 500 views is very different from the way you say things in a video that gets 50 million views – the more people you reach, the more important it is that people don’t take things out of context.

“If there were as many people cutting up videos like they did mine and those people had a negative agenda, they could make Mickey Mouse look evil, you could make anyone look bad.”

Andrew Tate Crypto Portfolio

Tate is also a lover of cryptocurrency having offered crypto courses through his Hustler’s University, seemingly launching his own coin and stating as such on a number of podcasts.

During an appearance on the Pomp Podcast with Anthony Pompliano, Tate revealed he got into crypto after realising that fiat money is “trash”.

He said: “What is money? How do banks work? How does credit work? How does fractional reserve banking work? “Then I get more mad. Because I’m like ‘woah, money’s trash and I don’t have any.’ Now I’m really annoyed.”

Tate then describes learning about Bitcoin – “I don’t want cash. I want something else. Give me an asset, okay how can I get an asset the government can’t take? Bitcoin” – before the conversation moves away from crypto and revealing his ‘Eureka’ moment was realising that beautiful women were also an “asset class” from which he could make money.

What is Tatecoin?

Tate’s crypto portfolio is not known but he is reported to have launched his own coin – Tatecoin – although the details appear extremely worrisome on closer inspection.

There are currently at least four separate websites, three Twitter accounts and three Telegram groups all claiming to represent Tatecoin.

They do not appear to be one coin, with each having a different contract address, and it is unclear if Tate is launching the coins himself or if people not affiliated with the social media star are using his name and brand to operate scams.

At this stage, it would be wise to avoid all forms of Tatecoin, especially with the man himself de-platformed and currently unable to publicly confirm which coin – if any – is the official one.

Tatecoin Alternatives – Tamadoge

Investors looking for a safer bet may consider Tamadoge (TAMA), which is currently going through its crypto presale ICO and has already raised more than $9.5 million in seed funding.

Unlike the many versions of Tatecoin, Tamadoge has undergone KYC verification from CoinSniper and has had its smart contract audited by Solid Proof. The team is also doxxed and regularly in contact with holders and potential investors on social media, as well as holding regular AMAs on YouTube.

Tamadoge has sold out more than 60% of its presale allocation and has been named as the hottest crypto to buy now, as it offers the potential for high returns along with long-term utility and value that other meme coins do not.

Holders of the TAMA token will be able to mint NFT pets at the end of 2022, with those pets ready to be used in a play-to-earn game to win rewards. Molded in the style of 90s craze Tamagotchi, the pets can be fed, cared for, and grown before doing a battle against other players to earn rewards.

The Tamaverse will also see other games launched on the platform, while the pets will transfer from 3D to augmented reality in Q3 2023 to allow holders to explore the real world and hunt for tokens.

Furthermore, TAMA has a limited max supply of 2 billion tokens and employs a deflationary mechanism to ensure scarcity – with 5% of tokens burned with each transaction.

The presale is ongoing, join the Tamadoge Telegram channel to keep up to date with the latest news from the project.


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