As a Socially Responsible Company Focusing on Charity, CoinEx Introduces the Multi-Million-Dollar Charity Fund

As blockchain technology advances and gets more widely available, it has become an integral part of our lives. In particular, the continued tech advancement in DeFi and NFTs over recent years has attracted a growing number of mainstream investment institutions, listed companies, as well as professionals focusing on artworks and collectibles to the blockchain world, which enables the fast growth of the industry.

As the first and most successful blockchain application, Bitcoin has become one of the top 10 financial assets in terms of the market cap. It is even more valuable than Meta (formerly Facebook). Moreover, both institutional and retail investors capture the opportunities brought by its growth by investing in Bitcoin, which is a decentralized cryptocurrency with a low investment threshold.

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As a growing number of crypto exchanges profit from the emerging industry, many of them are becoming more socially responsible. They have started to fulfill their social responsibilities through blockchain technology as well as the resources and influence they wield, and among them is CoinEx, a distinguished global crypto exchange.


A friend of mine recommended CoinEx to me because this beginner-friendly exchange offers simple web pages, practical functions, and satisfying trading experiences, which conforms to its brand slogan: Making Crypto Trading Easier. As many exchanges constantly list new cryptos and introduce new features, CoinEx takes the opposite path. As CoinEx CEO Haipo Yang said in an interview, “CoinEx will ‘make crypto trading easier’ through products, token-listing, and customer services.”

For instance, when it comes to products, CoinEx exercises restraint and never piles functions upon functions. Instead, the exchange promises to offer functionally sufficient and easy-to-use features. It aims to turn complex products into simple ones to meet real user demands. Crypto traders don’t need so many fancy functions, and excessive functionalities will only make crypto trading even more difficult.

Furthermore, facing a growing number of shitcoins and scam coins, some exchanges keep lowering the bar of crypto listing to earn more trading fees at the expense of users. CoinEx, on the other hand, focuses on long-term growth and will never sacrifice users’ interests for short-term profits. The CoinEx team spends plenty of time screening first-rate cryptos, thereby helping users avoid risks and shitcoins.

Additionally, many investors, especially beginners, often feel at sea with crypto trading. In response, CoinEx provides professional, efficient, and considerate customer service, which also shows its keen insights into the crypto sector.

As a loyal CoinEx user, I also admire CoinEx’s commitment to public welfare. It is far more involved in charity than any other crypto exchange.

As it honors its original commitment to giving back to society and improving public wellbeing, CoinEx Charity has hosted charitable events in places that include the Philippines and Nigeria since 2021. This year, it also launched the Multi-Million-Dollar Charity Fund. Actively involved in charitable causes all over the world, CoinEx Charity contributes to global public welfare, focusing on human development, education, poverty alleviation, emergency relief, and charitable healthcare. The organization empowers global charity through its social influence.

Official website:

CoinEx Charity in Nigeria (Akwa Ibom State Universal Basic Education Board in the middle)

Let’s take a look at the specific charitable events hosted by CoinEx Charity:

In December 2021, CoinEx Charity donated 700 care packages to children at Uniuyo Teaching Hospital, Nigeria; in January 2022, CoinEx Charity dispatched a rescue team to the Philippines immediately after the country was hit by a devastating typhoon; in February 2022, CoinEx Charity offered loving food packages to 100 poor families in Iran; in April 2022, it sent Easter presents to over 500 children in poor regions in Brazil.

CoinEx Charity in Vietnam

Focusing on children’s education worldwide, CoinEx Charity launched Book Donation Worldwide on May 26 to build charitable reading corners for schools and donate books.

According to its official introduction, CoinEx Charity’s first two book donation events took place in Antakya (Turkey) and Damascus (Syria) on May 26 and May 28, respectively, and about 3,000 books were donated to 6 local schools. Moreover, CoinEx Charity also purchased bookshelves to build reading corners for each school.

CoinEx Charity in Malaysia

In June, the campaign will arrive in 8 countries, covering Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Nigeria, Malaysia, Brazil, South Korea, India, and Venezuela. CoinEx Charity will donate about 11,000 books and provide more and better learning spaces for poor children, so that they could read and learn with passion anytime, anywhere. Powered by an ocean of books, children can find their dreams and strive for a better future.

CoinEx Charity in Brazil

As a world-renowned crypto exchange, CoinEx has remained committed to the mission of “Via Blockchain, Making the World a Better Place”. The exchange has provided us with simple and practical crypto trading services and built vital infrastructures for the crypto industry. With great power, comes great responsibility. As part of human society, CoinEx spares no effort in giving back to the public while pursuing growth. With the CoinEx Charity Foundation, the exchange seeks to empower global charity in multiple fields, covering human development, education, poverty alleviation, etc. Relying on blockchain technology, as well as its social clout and resources, CoinEx strives to contribute to global charity, which reflects its mission and commitment and sends a loving message to us all.


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