Australia’s automated trading platforms explained

By employing automated trading platforms, you can simulate the deals carried out by seasoned market professionals. Trading is now accessible to everybody, including those with no prior experience in the financial markets. You can utilise it to become less dependent on your monitors, which is helpful when you are trading with a greater degree of experience.

Various forms of automated trading

Using trading bots, copy trading, and social trading all offer investors the opportunity to automate their trading activities. Your knowledge, previous experiences, and individual tastes will all play a part in shaping your plan.

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When making trades with software or bots, a strategy or other criterion based on rules is used. The mean reversion strategy, trend and momentum trading, and arbitrage are all examples of coding strategies.

Investors can program their trading bots, also known as expert advisors, to only buy when the price is higher than the 100-period moving average or to trade only during the New York session. Both of these options are available (EAs). Here are a few examples of automated trading platforms in Australia:

  • Duplicate- DupliTrade MT4 tool allows for the accurate reproduction, in real-time, of trading signals and strategies. Because of the platform’s user-friendly design, which not only gives trading metrics but also makes it easy to set up and manage a trading portfolio, the platform is recommended.
  • Zulu Trade-Your AvaTrade account is used to conduct trades with the help of ZuluTrade’s conversion of expert traders’ advice. Make sure that the expert or program you choose can be adapted to your particular needs and objectives as an investor.
  • Avatrade-The social trading platform offered by AvaTrade is known as AvaSocial. When you use a social trading app, getting started is much simpler. You can find mentors here, interact with them by asking questions, and gain knowledge from them. You may improve your resume by gaining knowledge from the most successful people.

The benefits and downsides of using automated trading systems


  • Keeping your discipline helps decrease the impact of trading on your emotions.
  • Any trader can benefit from this time-saving tool because it is available to them.
  • Investors can evaluate market prospects and strategies without running the risk of weariness, thanks to this.
  • You may enhance order execution and, as a result, boost earnings while simultaneously avoiding losses if you enter trades at the appropriate price and exit transactions at the same price.


  • Automated trading and excessive reliance on technology might be detrimental to one’s financial health.
  • It’s conceivable for investors to devise a trading strategy that seems fantastic on paper but isn’t practical for usage in the real world for various reasons.
  • Continuous monitoring could be necessary to detect problems such as connectivity issues and system failures promptly.

Final thoughts

Utilising automated trading systems has several advantages that far outweigh any potential drawbacks giving you more reason to try automated crypto trading Australia. When it comes to making the most of economic prospects, they can assist the individual in question in gaining the most objective perspective possible.

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