BeaRex Launches the World-First Play-And-Earn Game Based on Instagram AR Mask

BeaRex, the first blockchain-based Play-and-Earn runner, announces the launch of its beta version of an Instagram AR Mask game that will make it even more exciting and engaging in its bright universe. BeaRex redefines the Play-and-Earn gaming category by bringing together Free2Play / Play2Earn gamers and NFT investors into one collaborative ecosystem.

Play-and-Earn is a hybrid of two leading modern gameplay models: Play-to-Earn (P2E) and Free2Play (F2P). First and foremost, BeaRex has been designed for pure enjoyment of the gaming process. In BeaRex, you can either just play for fun or start earning in the game by purchasing an NFT Bear and switching to the relevant mode.

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What Is BeaRex About?


 BeaRex is a Play-and-Earn Web 3.0 runner. The game’s essence is collecting berries, creating smoothies, and escaping from the Dinosaur. The player can complete levels by collecting gaming stuff and selling it in the marketplace. Also, the player can give his/her Bear to other players to complete levels and get fixed income in tokens, thus receiving, in fact, passive income. The second layer of gameplay is collecting and upgrading NFT Bears.

NFTs represent most of the inventory in the game and belong to the players. Some types of resources are infinite and are not NFTs. Since NFT is the latest trend in cryptocurrencies today, earnings in blockchain games in the future may become, if not the main, then at least a very significant income for many. Along with the rewards received during the game, in the future, it will be possible to sell various equipment and Bears, which, as the BeaRex community grows, will become more and more in demand and will inevitably rise in price.

The First Version of the Game: the BeaRex Instagram AR Mask

How to play in BeaRex Instagram AR Mask:

  • You play the BeaRex Instagram AR Mask game, and then post the walkthrough in your Instagram stories.
  • BeaRex gives you points for playing. At the time of the game’s release, you receive Trip Coins to your wallet.
  • After completing the level, the inscription “Go to the Telegram bot” appears.
  • After posting your Insta story, please launch the telegram bot, and send a link to your story, along with your wallet address for accruing winnings and drawing NFT (worth up to $5,000) there.
  • You also need to subscribe to all BeaRex socials. After the team checks what you sent, you receive an “all clear” message, or, if something needs to be corrected, they will tell you what you need to fix.
  • With the BeaRex referral system built into the bot, you can invite your friends and get bonuses for the draw.

Here you can watch a detailed video instruction on how to participate in the draw.

Four BeaRex Modes for Various Purposes

BeaRex is the game that will suit a variety of purposes. You can just play to relax. Or train, and then get involved in the game “responsibly”, earning on your skills. And, finally, you can invest in cool inventory and Bears and earn with those who cannot afford to buy those yet.

To sum up, BeaRex includes four game modes:

  1. Play for fun, just like a regular smartphone game. This mode does not require investments and is suitable for both training and just having a good time.
  2. Invest in NFT Bears, set tasks to other players to complete your levels and, as a result, get passive income. This mode is suitable for those who want to earn money, but are not ready or do not yet know how to play.
  3. Play and earn — a mode for those who play and go through the levels on their own. In this mode, your earnings are yours to keep. You do not need to share what you earn with anyone.
  4. Play and earn without additional investments by completing tasks from investors. Those who play for fun can take orders from investors to complete levels. The difficulty of the task players can take depends on their rating in the game. This mode is an excellent opportunity to earn more without investing in expensive equipment and Bears. At the moment, there are two restrictions on the order’s execution: the hard — owning, at least, one NFT Bear, and the soft — having the appropriate game skill.

Some Cool BeaRex Features

An important feature of BeaRex is that players can save their progress in the game, as it is possible to transfer it from the free version to the P2E mode. To do this, you need to buy a Bear and switch to the “Play-and-earn” mode. It’s probably redundant to talk about how cool it is: knowing that the efforts will not be in vain, players will master the BeaRex universe with much more enthusiasm than if they then had to go through everything all over again.

The simple and dynamic plot of BeaRex is designed for a wide audience. The Bear moves from the chase along an endless level, overcomes obstacles and collects resources on a randomly generated map, which style and management depend on the berry smoothie drunk before. The game’s complexity is constantly escalating: the speed of the chase becomes higher and higher, and the obstacles become more and more complicated.

The players` most important goal is earning. They achieve this by accumulating Trip Coins and cashing them out. They earn Trip Coins in two ways: by selling extracted resources and generating coins when playing at a level.

As players progress through the levels, they pump their NFT Bears. The more rare and upgraded the Bear, the more resources it mines, and the more Trip Coin it generates during the game. Therefore, the larger collection of Bears, the more resources the player extracts and the more Trip Coins generates.

The community’s goal is to collect as many berries as possible to fill the Berry Collider and save the world from dinosaurs. There is a theory that they can bring dinosaurs back thanks to new technologies.

BeaRex Actual Product: the Animated Series

An important difference between BeaRex and all other blockchain games is that it is not just a game but also an animated series based on its plot. Work on the series is already underway, and the first episode will be ready for release at the end of 2022. The full first season is going to be released in 2023. Additionally, the series will feature NFT Bears from the game, and their owners will receive royalties from the series` rental.

The BeaRex Metaverse

But that’s not all. At the end of 2023, BeaRex will launch its own metaverse. All owners of BeaRex NFTs will have the chance to participate in the creation and production of unique content telling about the BeaRex world and its inhabitants. These episodes will be included in a special season of the animated series, which will also introduce the viewer to the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies entertainingly, telling how they earn here and what opportunities open up for investors and businesses.

Join the BeaRex universe in beta, download the Instagram AR Mask, and try your hand in the game. Pick up the berries and appreciate the bright BeaRex universe made with love and humor. BeaRex has got everything to captivate you and even, if desired, boost your finances.

Everyone who plays the game will earn 500 TRIP tokens and will enter an NFT drawing worth $5,000. Have a good berry picking and let your Bear run fast!


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