Bitcoin Bull Brandt Burns Schiff: ‘Stop Betting On Dead Horses!’

The world of finance is no stranger to colorful characters, and this week, the gloves came off between two titans with opposing views on Bitcoin: Peter Brandt, a crypto bull, and Peter Schiff, a Bitcoin skeptic.

Their battleground? Social media, of course.

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Schiff Touts Silver’s Shine, Brandt Calls It Something Else

Schiff, a long-time gold advocate, recently set his sights on silver. He pointed to the metal’s recent price surge of over 20% compared to BTC’s more modest 2% gain, declaring:

“That’s more than 10x the bang for your buck with silver. Bitcoin is dead. Long live silver!”

Brandt, ever the Bitcoin champion, wasn’t having it. He countered that Schiff’s pronouncements were simply a ploy for attention, mockingly suggesting Schiff was having a “social media orgasm” just because silver “decided to take a jog.”

This exchange is the latest chapter in a long-running feud between the two financial figures, with Schiff consistently making bearish predictions about the top coin that haven’t come to pass.

Is Bitcoin A Hedge Against Inflation?

The debate around Bitcoin’s future extends beyond social media spats. With inflation concerns on the rise, some see Bitcoin as a potential hedge. However, recent outflows from BTC ETFs cast a shadow on this theory.

BlackRock’s iShares Bitcoin Trust and Fidelity’s Wise Origin Bitcoin Trust both experienced negative flows, totaling over $230 million in just over a week. This suggests that some investors are losing faith in the crypto asset’s ability to weather economic storms.

Schiff Doubles Down On Transaction Speed Concerns

Despite the inflation debate, Schiff remains unconvinced. A recent live debate saw him reiterate his belief that the digital currency’s slow transaction speeds and high fees render it impractical as a daily-use currency.

He stated:

“Bitcoin is a slow and expensive way to transfer value. It’s not a currency.”
Fodder For Social Media

While Brandt dismisses Schiff’s comments as self-serving noise, the debate around the crypto’s future is far from over. Investors are grappling with questions of inflation, practicality, and long-term viability.

As the digital asset landscape continues to evolve, the ongoing battle between Bitcoin bulls and bears is poised to remain a prominent feature on social media and beyond.

Featured image from The Independent, chart from TradingView

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