Blockchain Technology Is Expected To Continue To Grow Even During Bear Markets: CashFi (CFI) And XRP (XRP)

The true power of blockchain technology and its foundation for Web 3.0 is still to be acknowledged by the majority of new investors.

The current bear market grip in the crypto industry has caused turmoil among new and inexperienced investors that have not seen the previous crypto winter, followed by an astounding market recovery. Experts suggest that the latest market downturn may have a positive impact on the overall crypto industry maturity. 

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blockchain technology

What Should You Know About The Current Market Situation?

The strong correlation between Bitcoin and Nasdaq Composite suggests that investors are valuing their crypto assets to deep tech stocks, thus analysts say that the bearish trend and the market correction were expected. 

The true power of blockchain technology and its foundation for Web 3.0 is still to be acknowledged by the majority of new investors, but once this is achieved the bearish market is likely to end this cycle and move into bullish territory. 

According to market analysts, cryptocurrencies that do not stop building and focus on innovation and development are most likely to pull through the bear market and rise far beyond their present-day position. 

Investing during a market correction is much more challenging and worrying. However, if you are successful in purchasing reliable and trustworthy projects, you may as well see great returns on your investment, considering that the prices are generally much lower during bear markets in comparison to bull markets.

blockchain technology

CashFi (CFI) – Next-generation Liquid Staking Solution

If you are looking to diversify your investment portfolio during this bear market but are not sure which cryptocurrencies to invest in, presale tokens have become much more popular and have proved their worth. 

CashFi (CFI) is a new and exciting next-generation liquid staking solution that is currently offered in presale. Being built as an ecosystem for NFTs, top-tier liquid staking, and synthetic asset services, CashFi will offer a wide range of possibilities. 

Recognising that NFTs have supported the growth and adoption of blockchain technology among the public, CashFi will offer an interoperable cross-chain NFT environment where creators will be able to mint and auction their NFTs on their own NFT marketplace, via the CFI platform. 

XRP (XRP) v SEC Making Headlines 

While most cryptocurrencies are in the news because of the sharply dropping prices, XRP (XRP) has caught everyone’s attention because of its ongoing court case against SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission). 

The latest news in the XRP lawsuit presents Ripple’s claims that SEC is trying to conceal its flaws from the public to avoid criticism. The XRP community is holding onto hope that once the case is resolved, the cryptocurrency will rise despite any negative market conditions. 

XRP stands out in the blockchain technology market because of its approach to blockchain technology implementation to serve the needs of a fast-performing payment network. XRP is adopted by many large institutions around the world, thus supporting the cryptocurrency’s growth and development. 

What Can You Do Next?  

There is never a so-called best time to invest in the market. However, doing your research to make well-informed decisions is a key supporting factor of any investment strategy in blockchain technology. If you are interested in presale coins and want to learn more about CashFi (CFI), follow the links below to find more information. 

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