BOSO TOKYO Looks to Bring Japanese Culture to the World via Innovative Use of Metaverse Capabilities

Everyone would agree that the DeFi industry is absolutely booming right now, and for good reason. After all, there is an abundance of technological innovation right now through aspects such as cryptocurrencies, NFTs, P2E games, blockchain, and most recently the metaverse.

With that being said, it can often prove difficult to ascertain which projects in this sector are worth more than just the initial hype and can actually offer something of real value. This is where BOSO TOKYO comes in.

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What is it?

Naturally, it is crucial to understand what something is before being comfortable enough to invest in it. In a nutshell, BOSO TOKYO is an initiative that wants to make a metaverse identity brand. One of the project’s primary goals is to hence introduce avatars to the metaverse. At its core, the ‘metaverse’ is essentially a fully digital space which may be copied and altered, in other words, it is a world without a specific identity.

Even if a user establishes their identity within a metaverse, they will most likely lose their identity when they move to another metaverse because their credit information would not be transferred. In addition, users obtain a website domain after creating a website, but in a metaverse, every user would have an avatar. BOSO TOKYO believes that users ought to be able to have a branded avatar as opposed to a generic, default one.

Moreover, the NFT (non-fungible token) avatars shall be sold with unique artwork created by Hidetaka Tenjin, a leading illustrator in Japan. Not only will PFP be available, but so will the distribution of high-quality 3D data as well as avatars which may then be brought into the metaverse space.

In this way, BOSO TOKYO may best be understood as a metaverse generative avatar initiative created by an official illustrator of popular projects such as Gundam and also the incredibly successful Star Wars franchise.

Can anyone join?

Although the BOSO TOKYO project has a lot of interesting and unique features, unfortunately not everyone can join. This is because BOSO is a brand meant for those who believe in the potential of the metaverse and its seemingly infinite possibilities and those who seek more excitement and independence. The BOSO team therefore wants to introduce the world to Japanese creators and culture through those individuals who can bring value to both the initiative and Japanese culture in general. As such, the team shall do its utmost to create a brand, a community, an opportunity, and a future with limitless potential via a special team. The project is also heavily inspired by Japanese biker gangs known as ‘BOSOZOKU,’ which are often viewed as symbols of freedom.

Who else is involved in this project?

One of the main highlights of BOSO TOKYO is the team behind it. As previously mentioned, Hidetaka Tenjin is part of the initiative as the ‘Main Designer’. He is a well-known Japanese creator and artist who works in a variety of fields, including voice acting. He is responsible for BOSO TOKYO’s avatar design. Apart from his work as an illustrator, he is a designer as well as an image board artist. He has also done mechanical art for the animations ‘Macross Zero,’ ‘Macross Frontier,’ and ‘Genesis of Aquarion,’ mechanical design for ‘Hellsing,’ ‘Macross Delta,’ and ‘Knights & Magic,’ creature design for ‘The Dance of Strings,’ and even CG for the movie ‘Saint Seiya LEGEND of SANCTUARY.’

Alongside Hidetaka, there is the ‘Creative Director’, Afromance. Having earned a degree in architecture from Kyoto University, he creates BOSO TOKYO’s overall creative design and worldview. In 2012, he hosted one of Ibiza’s most famous parties, the ‘foam Party’, for the first time in Tokyo. He also launched ‘Burning Japan,’ a Japanese version of ‘Burning Man’, a large-scale event with over 80,000 participants held in Nevada, U.S.A. During COVID-19, he created the online music festival ‘BLOCK.FES,’ which has over 2 million participants, and the ‘Drive-in Fest’, a music event which can be enjoyed in cars, among many other projects that generate worldwide enthusiasm.

Lastly, there is the person in charge of ‘Ideology and Manifesto Design’, Hisashi Oki, Japan Representative for Ledger, one of the world’s largest crypto currency wallet companies. Formerly, he was the head of brand marketing, PR and public relations at one of the world’s largest U.S. crypto currency exchanges, as well as the reporter for Cointelegraph Global and Editor-In-Chief of Cointelegraph Japan.

What else is there to know?

Like any other project, BOSO TOKYO has a roadmap which showcases much to look forward to. Firstly, there is ‘Revving’, which is the staking system used by the project. Exciting rewards are earned here as RPMs increase and combustion occurs, so to speak. Next, BOSO TOKYO also has limitless commercial use rights. Users who own a Hidetaka Tenjin-designed NFT will thus be given unrestricted commercial use rights and they can then freely utilize this access to generate figures, use it in advertisements, rent it out, and so on. Users will also be given exclusive access to the community as well as all the best events. NFT holders can additionally vote and obtain a wealth of advantages and benefits. Finally, the team shall provide avatars which can be taken to the metaverse so as to realize BOSO TOKYO’s vision of a true metaverse identity brand.

Final thoughts about BOSO TOKYO

After considering all of the above mentioned information, it is clear to see that BOSO TOKYO is one project that everyone needs to be keeping an eye on going forward. The team intends to host a large-scale event promotion soon with the goal of introducing Japanese culture to the rest of the world.

The website launched on June 13th, and a limited-quantity BOSO TOKYO NFT giveaway is currently underway. Those interested are being encouraged to review the details now for a chance to win a BOSO TOKYO NFT by completing a simple task.

Finally, visit the official website along with the relevant social media channels for more information and regular updates.

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