Bybit Kicks Off Trader’s Year of 2024 Interview Series with Anson Tan, Famous Quant Traders

Leading crypto exchange Bybit has started a captivating interview series where it questions famous traders on their journey and experience in trading crypto. 

Bybit said the series is a key component of the “Bybit Trader’s Year of 2024” initiative, which is aimed at grooming and elevating a community of crypto traders at every stage of their development, with a reward pool of $4 million USDT. 

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The first episode of the series happened in February 2024, featuring with Anson Tan, a famous quant trader and the host of the popular crypto YouTube channel, The Tradveller. In the interview, Tan shared his crypto journey, his experience, vision, and aspirations to achieve together with Bybit.

How did you enter the crypto rabbit hole and why did you become a trader?

I got to know Bitcoin when I was only 19, back when the hot topic was mining. However, being a student with limited funds, I couldn’t afford mining rigs or facilities. So, I turned to trading as a cost-effective alternative that allowed me to participate in the crypto market.

Why did you choose to trade with Bybit?

Of all my years in crypto trading, I found Bybit to offer a very smooth trading experience and a user-friendly platform. Bybit’s performance and stability during extreme market volatilities have always been robust and reliable. What impressed me the most was Bybit’s perpetual contracts, which are more sophisticated and smoother than those offered by other major exchanges. Additionally, Bybit’s customer service has been super supportive, always responsive and helpful. Their 24/7 support and chat in the community have been invaluable to me, especially during my early days as a trader.

What’s your main goal this year?

My main goal this year is focused on quantitative trading, education, empowerment, and investment to nurture young traders. 

I plan to create educational videos and explore offline sharing and seminars as a means of better engagement and communication. I believe certain aspects of the crypto industry cannot be adequately addressed through online interactions alone. Furthermore, I aim to collaborate with like-minded industry opinion leaders to foster growth and trust in the crypto field.

What should we expect from Bybit Trader’s Year of 2024?

In 2024, you can expect more sharing and interaction with the community, both within the crypto industry and the traditional world. The introduction of spot ETFs has brought about positive changes to the landscape, and it’s something we can look forward to. 

As we continue to build our community, we constantly contemplate how industry practitioners, like myself, can contribute to the advancement of the crypto industry. 

Personally, I’m always excited and inspired by Bybit’s annual VIP gathering, as it brings together a group of unnoticed masters, creating a “crouching tiger, hidden dragon” situation.

Besides the interview series, Bybit added that the year-long will feature a range of other activities, including monthly trading competitions, inspirational master classes conducted by industry experts and top traders, as well as a host of thrilling events and gatherings.

“In the ever-evolving realm of crypto trading, empowerment and education stand as pivotal pillars for success. ‘Bybit Trader of 2024’ reflects our commitment to empowering Bybit users with essential knowledge and tools that will shape their trading journey,” said Ben Zhou, CEO of Bybit.

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