Cardano maintains its price exceeding other top cryptocurrencies

Although the entire crypto market suffers from the downtrend, especially Bitcoin, there is still hope that all this will end, and Cardano could be the token of choice for the new adoption wave. According to CoinMarketCap and other crypto analysis web platforms, the ADA token maintains its value of almost 0.50 cents even though over six months of this setback stage have already been completed.

The ADA development has experienced would undoubtedly surpass other tokens such as SOL and Ether, according to the firm Santiment, dedicated to crypto analysis. On the other hand, Bitcoin would exceed the trading range by more than 79 points, and BinanceCoin would occupy a score of 0.2, according to Santiment.

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Santiment analyze the crypto market today


Santiment, a firm dedicated to analyzing crypto behavior, seeks to monitor projects in development and not only to determine GitHub hosting, which is a priority in the virtual market. This is because Santiment wants the best analytical track record focused on crypto, and maybe it is the right way to do it.

According to its director, with Cardano’s stability and scalability, it is believed that its network will bring excellent performance due to the Vasil hard fork. Likewise, the firm insinuates that all the performance seen in ADA shows its maximum range. However, with the hard fork updated, four projects for its improvement or CIP could be integrated.

Regardless of the fall of the Terra network, USDT, in previous months, Cardano continues to stand up, managing to outperform other tokens since its crossing with Vasil.

Cardano token manager talks about his developments


According to the token and Cardano network director, Vasil could be delayed until the last week of July due to Terra’s collapse. In turn, the group indicated that its engineers would continue the project and measure three times and cut once, depending on the conditions.

On the other hand, the firm verified that the coding of the hard fork is already prepared, indicating that it only remains to start it and see the results. However, the Cardano manager opted to go further than usual. This way, more field tests were added to understand the technology and everything that goes with it.

While the hard fork of ADA arrives, the token is trading above $0.45, according to CoinMarketCap charts.

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