Chiliz Price Prediction 2023-2031: Is $CHZ a Good Investment?

Chiliz Price Prediction 2023-2031

The emergence of blockchain has made many networks realize the possibilities of algorithms and cryptography and how these things can bring the entertainment sector up to speed. Thus, we have Chiliz Chain and the world’s first tokenized sports exchange. $CHZ powers the @socios fan engagement app. Will the Chiliz Price Prediction 2023-2031 reflect the continuing support by esports fans?

CHZ price has been bearish this month and even a bullish candlestick on 2 December failed to initiate an upward movement. The Chiliz ecosystem is home to various fan tokens and was expected to receive a boost during the FIFA World Cup, but that has yet to occur.

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The soccer token powerhouse lost a large chunk of its total market cap, shrinking from $1.43bn one day before kick-off on November 19th, 2022, to a dismal $813 million today. Further, the next crucial resistance line to be tested is $0.14 if the bearish trend persists.

Last 30 October, Chiliz price analysis suggests that the coin is in bullish momentum after the previous day’s correction, though the next resistance at 0.2283 may present a selling opportunity for investors. Support for CHZ will generally be available in Coinbase’s supported jurisdictions with the exception of Singapore.

Today’s Chiliz price is $0.151405 with a 24-hour trading volume of $75,501,820. Chiliz is up 0.31% in the last 24 hours. The current CoinMarketCap ranking is #45, with a live market cap of $929,231,650. It has a circulating supply of 6,137,379,051 CHZ coins and a max. supply of 8,888,888,888 CHZ coins. Chiliz is 82.78% below the all-time high of $0.89.

The unique platform of Chiliz uses the principle of decentralized finance and blockchain to provide users with the privilege of many science and technological benefits, mining them on an algorithm, majorly for esports and gaming. Before we look at the Chiliz price prediction, we need to know what makes Chiliz unique.

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What is Chiliz?


Chiliz was officially launched in 2019, even though the idea was first mooted in 2016 through The Chiliz token (CHZ) – one of many blockchain-based interactions – has since propelled gaming fans worldwide to support their favorite sports team. The native CHZ token is another emergence from the landscape of the Chilliz network.

Chiliz developed the sports fan engagement platform, built on the Chiliz blockchain infrastructure & uses $CHZ as its exclusive on-platform currency. The said token helps fans and traders to purchase voting rights and tokenizes a share of influence. The Juventus Football Club was the first to launch a team token through

$CHZ is a utility cryptographic decentralized token based on the Ethereum protocol (ERC20 token) designed for direct utility within the Platform. Since then, over a hundred various groups have joined the platform, including special teams like Paris Saint-German, FC Barcelona, Manchester City, and AC Milan. Many more are still lined up in the future, making Chiliz a favorite football fan token.

Chiliz Founders

Alexandre Dreyfus is the Chief Executive Officer and founder of Chiliz. He was also responsible for the development of in 2016 and held other notable positions in different companies. As a pioneer of Webcity, he co-founded Winamax, one of France’s largest online poker sites.

Emma Diskin became the Chief Operating Officer at Chiliz in 2018. He started as the PR & Communications Director at Chiliz in 2016 and climbed up the career ladder till she became COO in 2018; she then became the COO of in 2020.

Chiliz has immensely benefited from her contributions, primarily because of her expertise in PR and communications. Another important figure in Chiliz is their Chief Strategy Officer, Max Rabinovitch. His insightful ideas have been profound in the progress of the Chiliz network.

What makes Chiliz special?

Copia de GAME4 640x360 1

In the wake of blockchain, scientists and mathematicians have tried their best to incorporate blockchain into various industry statements; it would not be overkill to say that only Chiliz has been the only network to trade in the sports world. Linking the blockchain essentials to the gaming sector is not the superior achievement of the Chiliz network. However, it has also ensured global investors’ protection and investments through the CHZ cryptocurrency.

The above-listed special features have also improved the decentralization features offered by the Chiliz blockchain. Another thing that makes the Chiliz ecosystem stand out is the Power of Authority feature, run by the Byzantine Fault Tolerance Algorithm.

The CHZ ecosystem makes money off user information, and the unique attribute of Chiliz is that it is decentralized with no regulations in the backdrop.

What makes Chiliz (CHZ) unique?

Every sporting organization using the Chiliz technology has a limited supply of fan tokens offered at an initial FTO (fan token offering). These tokens are provided on a first-come-first-serve basis, with the opening price and fully diluted market cap disclosed by Chiliz beforehand. The native CHZ token purchases fan tokens and acts as the platform’s internal currency. Using CHZ, holders can purchase branded Fan Tokens from a range of sports teams, including FC Barcelona, Juventus, Paris Saint-Germain, AS Roma, and Atlético de Madrid.

Screenshot 321

Nobody can say how soon it will happen, but the deals they made with the greatest clubs in sports are super. We are not seeing much gain from what’s behind the scenes because they are still being set up in each club. The true utility for the fans is being set up as we speak, and when it’s out and people are using the platform, Chiliz will blow up. This is like the alpha stage; there is still beta and release.

Consider this advice: Coins with ecosystems or utility may last longer than shit coins. I’ve been in SOL since it was pre-25 USD. LUNA for its ecosystem. DOT and Kusama for their early-stage adoption. ETH, for its first-mover advantage, BTC, of course, is a store of value. VET for its real-world case uses. CRO for its solid platform, credit card, and now NFT launch. FIO for its revolutionary wallet address solution, but CHZ is my sports play.

You can base your prediction on the wave cycle of the charts and the massive fundamentals, but for the risk-taker, project according to what you can afford to lose.

CHZ Latest Developments 

  • CHZ token has been making significant partnerships and developments, most notably with Wootrade, a leading digital asset trading platform.

This is a very positive development for CHZ token holders as it will help increase their liquidity and give holders another avenue to trade their tokens.

  • CHZ has also partnered with Huobi to launch a Fan Token Zone on the Huobi Global platform.

The Fan Token Zone is a dedicated trading area for CHZ and other fan tokens.

This is a great development as it will help increase the visibility of CHZ and give holders another option to trade their tokens.

Huobi Global will List PSG, JUV, ATM, OG (Paris Saint-Germain Fan Token, Juventus Fan Token, Atletico Madrid Fan Token, OG Fan Token) on July 19, 2022

  • CHZ has also been listed on a number of other exchanges, most notably Binance.

This is a very positive development as it will help increase the token’s liquidity and give holders another avenue to trade their tokens.

  • Recently on July 18th, announced a partnership with leading Gallagher Premiership clubs to bring its fans’ engagement and rewards platform to rugby union. The announcement was made on the Chiliz official website in a blog post.

The partnership is a big deal as it will help increase the visibility of CHZ and give holders another option to trade their tokens.

This is a very positive development for CHZ token holders as it will help increase their liquidity and give holders another avenue to trade their tokens. These are just some of the recent developments that have been made by CHZ token.

Where to buy CHZ tokens?

Why should I buy $CHZ?

Fan Tokens bought on allow users to influence their teams via popular vote and become eligible for engagement-based team rewards and recognition.

Is Chiliz legal?

Given that the Chiliz documents and Chiliz project fall outside the ‘Virtual Financial Assets Act (Chapter 590 of the Laws of Malta), the Company was not required to file or seek approval by any competent Maltese authority for the Chiliz documents. Read more here to comply with any legal requirements in your location.

Chiliz Technical Analysis

Chiliz price analysis reveals CHZ fan token has been bearish, as CHZ fell nearly 8 percent to trade at the $0.1880 level before declining further to the current level where it is trading at $0.1494. Before the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, Chiliz pricing was gearing up for a confrontation. Since the FTX collapse, the leading blockchain and fintech provider for sports and entertainment tokens has made a strong comeback.  

The current support levels are $0.14450 and $0.130, while the resistance levels are $0.160 and $0.650.The Fibonacci retracement levels for the uptrend are 0.1160, 0.1650, 0.170, and 0.2020. The Fibonacci extension levels are $0.2520, $0.2700, and $0.2940.

Technically, the CHZ/USD pair dropped to $0.14991 after failing to break above a major resistance level of $0.155. A double-bottom pattern has already been violated and now a double-bottom pattern is extending support near $0.1810.

On the upside, the CHZ/USD pair’s immediate support is at $0.140, and a break of this level is likely to send the CHZ price to $0.1355. Because the RSI and MACD are in a sell zone, investors should look for sell trades under $0.1810 or $21.90. On Dec. 2, the CHZ price created a bullish candlestick (green icon) but has failed to initiate an upward movement. So far, the trend this month has been bearish.

Chiliz Price Prediction 2023-2031: Is $CHZ a Good Investment? 1

On the bullish side, the daily RSI has generated a considerable amount of bullish divergence. Moreover, the divergence trend line is still intact.

Therefore, the price action provides a bearish outlook, while the Relative Strength Index readings show an oversold market sentiment. As a result, the daily time frame is insufficient to predict the future Chiliz price.

Chiliz Price Predictions by Cryptopolitan

Chiliz price prediction for the remaining part of 2022 depends on the market sentiment and technical indicators. The fan token has been trading in a horizontal trend line for some time now and could be due for another breakout at any moment.

CHZ coin is likely to trade at the current range of $0.1487 to $0.160 between now and the beginning of 2023. From 2023 to the end of 2025, we have a bullish outlook for the CHZ coin and expect it to test higher levels in the next ten years.

Chiliz Price Prediction 2023-2031: Is $CHZ a Good Investment? 2
Chiliz Price Prediction 2023-2031: Is $CHZ a Good Investment? 3

Chiliz Price Prediction 2023

According to our Chiliz forecast for 2023, the minimum price of Chiliz is expected to be around $0.22. The maximum expected CHZ price may be around $0.26. On average, the trading price might be $0.22 in 2023.

Chiliz Price Prediction 2024

According to our Chiliz price forecast for 2024, a maximum price of $0.38 and an average price of $0.33.The minimum price is expected to be around $0.32.

Chiliz Price Prediction 2025

The Chiliz CHZ price prediction for 2025 shows that Chiliz could attain a maximum price of $0.56 and a minimum price of $0.46. The digital currency is expected to have a good year as the adoption of Chiliz and other cryptocurrencies increases. The average forecast price is expected to be around $0.47.

Chiliz Price Prediction 2026

According to our CHZ fan token price prediction for 2026, we expect the coin to trade at a maximum of $0.79 and an average price of $0.67.The minimum price forecast is expected to reach around $0.65 during this period.

Chiliz Price Prediction 2027

The Chiliz CHZ price prediction for 2027 shows that Chiliz could reach a maximum price of $1.13 and a minimum price of $0.96. The average forecast price is expected to be around $1.0

Chiliz Price Prediction 2028

The Chiliz price forecast for 2028 indicates positive growth for the fan token. We expect $1.69 as the highest price and an average price forecast of $1.48 over this period. Our minimum price is expected to be around $1.43 in 2028.

Chiliz Price Prediction 2029

According to the CHZ price prediction for 2029, CHZ is expected to have a minimum price of $2.07 and a maximum price of  $2.47. The average expected trading price is $2.13.

Chiliz Price Prediction 2030

Our CHZ price prediction for 2030 indicates even more bullish sentiment for the coin. We expect a maximum value of $3.62 and an average price forecast of $3.06 over this period. Our minimum price is expected to be around $2.95 during this period.

Chiliz Price Prediction 2031

Our Chiliz coin price prediction for 2031 is a maximum price of $5.18 and a minimum price of $4.32.The average price expected for 2031 is $4.45.

CHZ Price Predictions by Wallet Investor

WalletInvestor has a bearish outlook for CHZ’s short-term and long-term projections. Wallet Investor predicts that the CHZ token will trade in bearish sentiment in 2023 whereby the token could decline to $0.075 in the next year. They are also bearish on long-term prospects as they predict the Chiliz token will continue declining and might eventually crash.

CHZ Price Predictions by Price Prediction net

Price Prediction suggests the Chiliz crypto price will be around $0.26 on December 2023. The optimistic forecast predicts a rise of 50 percent with a future price of $0.30 in a year and further going up to $1.56 in the next five years.

CHZ Price Predictions by GOV Capital

According to Chiliz coin price prediction by GOV Capital, Chiliz will enter a bull run and the token might potentially cross $0.79 in the next 1 year. By the year’s end, the expected maximum price may be around $0.73 which is +265 percent from the current price.

Chiliz Price Prediction by Industry Experts

Chiliz has been recognized by some of the biggest names in the cryptocurrency market and has been backed by some of the most influential people. This is one of the main reasons why Chiliz is expected to continue its upward trend in the years to come.

Notably, “Daily Crypto’‘, a Youtube-based crypto-currency analyst, has given a price prediction of CHZ potentially gaining by 9000 percent and reaching $1 by mid-2022. The Youtuber has explained the project’s fundamental analysis and given various reasons for his price prediction. The YouTuber is one of the most popular crypto-currency analysts, and over 42.1k has also pointed out why Chiliz is a good long-term investment.

Socios has risen to prominence in the digital asset world as more and more sports organizations seek to advance their Web3 and blockchain initiatives. Chiliz has acquired a $100 million stake in Barca Studios, Barcelona FC’s digital content and distribution facility. Chiliz is now the second-largest sports coin after Flow (FLOW).


Through, a blockchain-based fan engagement platform, Chiliz has made significant strides. The project announced that a new generation of Chiliz is coming soon, dubbed the ChilizScoville Scale. The new token standard will enable the project to interact with multiple blockchains. The move is in a bid to expand its boundaries and adoption further. Chiliz is a popular digital currency with a solid track record. Any sports or esports in the world can monetize fan demand. Chiliz is a pioneer in activating and monetizing sports fans through radical fan engagement with favorite teams.

On the Chiliz chain, there are 28.8 million total transactions and little less than 1.8 million wallet addresses. The project has had important endorsements in non-soccer sports (like American football), and furthermore, with its planned Chiliz 2.0 upgrade, has been moving toward a Web3 makeover. Web3 is still a hot industry that some think has enormous potential, despite the unfavorable market conditions experienced in 2022.

Despite the enthusiasm from US-based organizations, only foreign clubs have so far made fan tokens available to further engage with their local communities. But despite the difficulties in the crypto market and the stumble in the NFT sector, CHZ has observed a very encouraging trend in the number of weekly active users since August.

Though it appears that investors are more thrilled about the matches themselves than about any associated financial assets now that the World Cup is getting close to its conclusion. Before the competition, Chiliz experienced a significant price increase, thus it made sense for profit-hungry cryptocurrency investors to lock in gains.

This shouldn’t necessarily deter supporters of the Ethereum-based token Chiliz from making investments or hanging onto their interests in it. Due to the continued popularity of sports and the fact that it is still a distinct product on the market, its ecosystem has a strong chance of success. However, the prices of digital assets are extremely volatile and it is recommended you conduct your own research before investing in digital assets.

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