CoinEx Charity Book Donation Worldwide: 10,000 Books Donated Across 11 Countries

On May 26, 2022, CoinEx Charity Book Donation Worldwide kicked off in Turkey. During this global campaign, funded by CoinEx Charity’s Multi-Million-Dollar Charity Fund, the organization built charitable reading corners for 18 schools in 11 countries and donated 11,243 books worth about $80,000.

Most children in remote, poor areas around the world do not have sufficient access to reading resources and lag behind their peers living in cities in terms of the volume, duration, and frequency of extracurricular reading. CoinEx Charity Book Donation Worldwide aims to provide abundant reading resources and bookshelves for poor schools or activity centers for disadvantaged children around the world to narrow the gap in children’s education and build charitable reading corners.

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CoinEx Charity in Venezuela


 Empower education for children via reading

Affected by military conflicts, children in Syria have long been suffering from the lack of learning resources; schools running in remote areas in Venezuela face challenging conditions; in Brazil, projeto ajudador, a relief organization, has taken in over 100 homeless children. Meanwhile, orphanages in many countries need funding. This “reading poverty” has become an urgent issue across the planet. After it became aware of those challenges, CoinEx Charity immediately hosted this one-month global campaign and delivered brand new books to 8,123 children across 11 countries, spanning Turkey, Syria, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Nigeria, Brazil, South Korea, Venezuela, and India.

CoinEx Charity in Brazil

The CoinEx Charity team said: “By giving donations and building book corners, we helped kids develop an interest in reading and good learning habits in their early childhood, which is essential to the improvement of literacy. We helped children understand the world around them and showed them what’s right and what’s wrong by giving them the right books, allowing them to foster appropriate morals and values.”

CoinEx Charity in South Korea

During the campaign, CoinEx Charity donated over 10,000 books to local schools, which expanded the collection of books available in their libraries. The campaign helped poor schools build an environment for free, independent reading and provided local students with quality reading materials. Moreover, CoinEx Charity also hosted classroom reading events to equip kids with good reading habits. This will enable children to better understand themselves and the world and help them better adapt to society as they grow up.

A charitable journey driven by love

Since its inception, CoinEx Charity introduced the Multi-Million-Dollar Charity Fund to pursue its mission: Via Blockchain, Making the World a Better Place. Over the months, the organization has hosted many charitable events worldwide, covering poverty alleviation and education-themed donations. Through this global campaign, CoinEx Charity donated various learning materials to schools in 11 countries and built new reading corners for them to contribute to the progress of global education and help children improve their life prospects.

CoinEx Charity in India

CoinEx Charity Book Donation Worldwide conveys love to thousands of poor kids and creates hope for a better future, which further inspires CoinEx Charity to stay committed to charitable education. The campaign planted the seeds of knowledge and reached dozens of schools in underdeveloped areas, covering Turkey, Syria, Brazil, Venezuela, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, etc. In the future, CoinEx Charity will continue to pursue its original goals through charitable deeds and fulfill more social responsibilities via public welfare. It will encourage more kind-hearted people and charities around the world to join the cause of charitable education and contribute to the improvement of children’s education.

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