Crypto Reacts To The NFT NYC Conference: The Bad And The Ugly

This is the slightly negative part of Bitcoinists NFT NYC report. For an intro, and the positive side of the event click here.

Since we will quote this CNBC report later on, let’s paint a picture of NFT NYC with their words.

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“Inside the Marriott Marquis nearby, where the conference has rented six floors, crowds packed the hallways, flanked by vendors taking up almost all available floor space. Many in the crowd, mostly men ranging from teens to late 30s, were in a perpetual state of pitching their idea for how to improve on what they all seem to agree is the future of art and digital collectibles.”

That’s it. Let’s go to the Tweets, videos, and pictures.

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The NFT NYC Conference – The Bad

Let’s get to what you were actually looking for, NFT NYC’s own brand of cringe.

  • Does this picture show the reality of the situation at NFT NYC? You be the judge.

  • “One thing that i didn’t like about NFT NYC was it was too noisy. With zero quiet spaces. So i hosted my own,” tweeted this pseudonymous NFT collector. And that sounds amazing. However, look at the art they drew. It paints a different picture, if you know what we mean. 

  • Is this a joke? What kind of panel is this and why did they allow this man to use this vehicle? Plus, there’s no one in the front rows.

  • The Apefest was an NFT NYC satellite event for Bored Ape Yacht Club holders. Were there just men in there? That’s what it looks like in the video.

  • Of course, that video was shot during the day. At night, legends like  Lil Wayne, Eminem, Snoop Dogg, Bun B, The Roots, and Future played. So, it couldn’t have been that bad. However, was this the VIP section? Let’s hope this is a joke. 

  • Speaking about Snoop Dogg, the CNBC article says: “ At one point in a Marriott hallway, a security guard cleared the way for someone who appeared to be rapper Snoop Dogg, who sells branded NFTs. Only upon closer inspection was it clear that the man was an impersonator hired by an NFT company, and that his official conference badge read “Doop Snogg.”

That’s pretty cringy, but apparently, it was a marketing ploy by some company. Does that make it better? You be the judge.

  • Speaking about marketing ploys, the NFT NYC protestors whose photos took over social media had to be fake. They just had to. The signs are too funny to be real.

  • A not-so-glowing review of the event by Alex’s best friend.

The NFT NYC Conference – The Ugly

Let’s end this with unclassifiable moments that are neither good nor bad. Most of it is ugly, though.

  • This video of Goblin Town actors speaking an invented language became a viral hit. Not in a good way. However, as you saw before, it didn’t affect the NFT collection financially.

Here’s a less popular but equally cringy video of the same actors. 

  • A “Who’s who”? Really? NFT influencer Carlos Gil tweeted, “My favorite moment of NFT NYC was this one. If you look closely, it’s a “who’s who” of the NFT industry; we were all trying to get into one of the hottest parties hosted by Goblin Town.”

  • We couldn’t find video from the inside of the Goblin Town party, but this one from the Azuki party looks pretty terrible.

  • “NFT NYC is just a big wealth transfer from degens to Uber drivers,” tweeted this attendee. That’s hilarious.

  • This guy thought it was a good idea to ask Michaela for a date using a giant billboard. 

It wasn’t a good idea. At all.

  • Is this honest criticism about the event or someone who doesn’t know how to have fun? You be the judge. “NFT NYC had near zero sessions on how to move the tech forward. Paid models dancing with socially awkward bros is not going to advance Web3.”

  • Speaking about paid models, maybe this wasn’t the best gig for them. “My hot model girlfriends are getting paid to go to NFT NYC events and I quote: “We have to stay till the end and I literally feel trapped,” tweeted Lucy Guo.

Paid models weren’t alone in the sentiment. “I have much more empathy for models now that I’ve been a woman at NFT NYC after 10 pm,” tweeted Bri Connelly.

And on that creepy note, our coverage of the event ends. Remember, you can always click here for the positive part of this report.

See you all next year, if the NFT industry recovers.

Featured Image: Goblin Town actors, screenshot from this video | Charts by TradingView

NFT NYC, the Cool Cats exhibit

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