Crypto trader turns $3K into $46M in one month as PEPE price soars

The savvy cryptocurrency trader is up over 15,000 fold on his initial $3,000 Pepe investment in just one month.

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An unknown trader made over $46 million in profit by trading the Pepe (PEPE) memecoin. Can the GameStop saga bring back memecoin season?

A savvy trader made $46 million in profit, which is an eye-watering 15,718-fold return on his initial $3,000 investment.

The unknown wallet bought $4.9 trillion Pepe for $3,000 on April 15, which is currently worth over $56 million. The trader sold $1.41 trillion PEPE for $7.4 million and is currently sitting on $3.5 trillion Pepe worth $38.9 million, according to Lookonchain’s May 15 X post.

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