Dash Price Prediction 2023-2032: Is DASH Recovering soon?

Dash Price Prediction 2023-2032

Since it entered the cryptocurrency space, Dash has held the attention of investors and crypto enthusiasts being a Bitcoin fork. For some years, it has been around, and Dash Crypto has maintained an impressive performance all this while. However, the price action in recent times has been unremarkable. If you are considering adding the DASH to your crypto portfolio, you must study our Dash price prediction.

How much is Dash worth?

Today’s Dash Token price is $32.18 with a 24-hour trading volume of $48,092,575. Dash Token is up 3.97% in the last 24 hours. The current CoinMarketCap ranking is #92, with a live market cap of $367,016,632. It has a circulating supply of 11,398,633 DASH coins and a max. supply of 18,900,000 DASH coins. Dash Token is 98.03% below the all-time high of $1,642.22.

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Dash Price Analysis: Bullish Outlook for $DASH, Token nears crucial trend line

TL;DR Breakdown

  • DASH/USD approaching crucial trend line, and could reach $43
  • BOP indicator stands at 0.76, suggesting significant buying momentum
  • Break above $33 resistance with strong buying support could propel $DASH toward $39

Dash’s year-to-date chart shows a gradual decline in a downtrend. However, approximately a month ago, the price reached oversold levels, leading to price stabilization. Currently, the price is nearing a trend line, and there are expectations it might break, ‌triggering a significant rise in the coin’s price with targets at $43, $60, and $77 if the trend line is breached and bullish momentum continues.

Dash Price Analysis 4-hour chart: Dash’s Bullish Chart Indicates Potential Upside, $36.46 and $39.44 Targets

Based on the 4-hour price chart analysis of Dash, the token is currently exhibiting a bullish trend as it is trading above both its 50-day and 100-day moving averages (MA). This suggests a positive momentum in the market. The Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) indicator also confirms this uptrend, as it is in positive territory.

Considering these technical indicators, there are strong indications that Dash’s price may continue to rise in the short term. Potential target levels for the upward movement are projected at $36.46 and $39.44.

DASH/USD Price Analysis 1-day chart: Breaking Resistance at $33.85, $Dash Sets Sights on New Highs

The 26-day Exponential Moving Average (EMA) has recently experienced a bullish crossover above the 12-day EMA, suggesting the emergence or strengthening of an uptrend in the price of $Dash. Should $Dash surpass the resistance level at $33.85 and encounter substantial buying pressure, there is potential for the price to advance further and possibly reach $39.44.

Furthermore, the Balance of Power (BOP) indicator currently stands at 0.76, indicating a significant gathering of buying momentum. This further supports the upward trend in the price of $Dash, suggesting that market participants are actively favoring buying positions.

Dash Recent News/Opinions

Maya Protocol Expands Cross-Chain DeFi Support to Dash Blockchain $DASH

Dash Emerges as Global Payment Preference with Low Fees and Instant Transactions⚡

Dash Price Predictions 2023 – 2032

As of 2023, Dash’s price action has experienced a significant decline, with year-to-date losses of approximately 23.42%. Over the past 3 months, it has seen a decline of -29.17%, and over the past 6 months, the losses amount to -48%. Dash’s all-time high (ATH) occurred on December 20, reaching an impressive value of $1642.22. However, the current trading price of Dash stands at approximately $32.18. This represents a significant percentage loss of approximately 98.04% from its ATH.

Dash’s substantial losses have sparked concerns about its ability to recover in the near future. The uncertainty surrounding its future performance calls for a careful analysis of market dynamics and potential catalysts that could shape its price trajectory in the coming years. Considering various influencing factors, here’s a price prediction for Dash from 2023 to 2032.

Year Minimum Price ($) Average Price ($) Maximum Price ($) 
2023 35.39 36.81 38.71 
2024 52.69 54.53 61.96 
2025 74.02 76.21 92.48 
2026 106.91 110.72 130.68 
2027 153.78 159.32 190.73 
2028 225.07 231.45 264.76 
2029 321.46 333.04 385.28 
2030 467.22 483.87 562.83 
2031 692.60 716.79 817.94 
2032 1,033.28 1,061.95 1,238.07 

DASH Token Price Prediction 2023

The 2023 forecast for Dash token suggests that it might peak at $38.71. The average price is projected to be around $36.81, while the minimum price is expected to be $35.39.

DASH Token Price Prediction 2024

In 2024, the maximum price for Dash token is anticipated to reach $61.96, with the minimum price estimated at around $52.69. On average, the token’s trading price could hover at approximately $54.53.

DASH Token Price Prediction 2025

The Dash price prediction for 2025 shows a potential growth trend, with the maximum Dash price expected to reach $92.48. The price of Dash could fluctuate within a range of $74.02 (minimum price) and an average of $76.21 throughout the year.

DASH Token Price Prediction 2026

For 2026, the Dash price forecast suggests a maximum value of $130.68, a minimum Dash price of $106.91, and an average trading price of $110.72.

DASH Token Price Prediction 2027

In 2027, we expect a significant surge in Dash token’s value, leading to a maximum price of $190.73. The token is anticipated to maintain strong support at around $153.78, while the average price is projected to be approximately $159.32.

DASH Token Price Prediction 2028

The 2028 Dash forecast indicates that the digital currency could maintain its bullish momentum, reaching a peak price of $264.76. The token’s value is anticipated to have a minimum of $225.07 and an average price of around $231.45.

DASH Token Price Prediction 2029

In 2029, Dash may reach a maximum price of $385.28, with a floor value of around $321.46 and an average trading price of approximately $333.04.

DASH Token Price Prediction 2030

The Dash price prediction for 2030 suggests that the token’s value might reach a maximum price of $562.83 and a minimum price of $467.22. Dash could maintain an average price of $483.87.

DASH Token Price Prediction 2031

In 2031, the average trading price of Dash token is expected to be $716.79, with a support level at a minimum price of $692.60, and the token’s peak price potentially reaching $817.94.

DASH Token Price Prediction 2032

Based on the current Dash price and prediction for 2032, the token is expected to surge to a maximum price of $1,238.07, with a minimum forecast price of $1,033.28, and an average price of around $1,061.95.

Dash Network Price Prediction by Wallet Investor

Wallet Investor’s advanced predictive algorithm indicates an unfavorable long-term outlook for Dash (DASH) as an investment. The analysis predicts a substantial decline in Dash’s value, estimating a decrease of around -86.495%. By the year 2024, the price is projected to reach 4.234 USD.

Dash Network price forecast by Technewleader

Technewleader’s outlook for Dash (DASH) is filled with optimism, revealing promising expectations for its future price growth. By the end of 2023, the cryptocurrency is predicted to soar to an impressive $40.70, indicating a substantial upward trajectory. The excitement continues to build as the forecast extends to 2026, with projected fluctuations within a range of $116.19 to $137.37, providing investors with a sense of stability and potential growth opportunities.

Even more thrilling prospects lie ahead as we delve into 2027, with the possibility of Dash’s price hovering between $171.50 to $198.56. Technewleader envisions an exciting milestone by 2029, where Dash has the potential to reach an impressive $417.04. Moreover, the cryptocurrency could achieve a remarkable peak of $1,304.30 by 2032.

Dash Price Prediction by Digitalcoinprice

Digitalcoinprice’s technical analysis points to a bright future for Dash (DASH), suggesting significant growth potential in the years ahead. By December 2023, market expectations are optimistic, with DASH predicted to reach a maximum price of $69.14. The positive trend continues as we look ahead to 2027, with a projected potential high of $142.87, indicating sustained growth.

The long-term outlook for DASH remains promising, as Digitalcoinprice’s forecast for 2032 estimates an average price of around $611.03, with the potential for DASH to achieve a maximum value of $614.66.

Dash Token Price Prediction by Market Experts

$Dash to reach $700 – Crypto 4Light

  • Crypto 4Light analyzes Dash’s price potential for the upcoming bull run, employing a custom indicator set and Fibonacci levels.
  • Based on the custom indicator set, he highlights possible price targets, indicating a potential pump to $700 or even $1000 in the most optimistic scenario.
  • The analysis also considers the possibility of a corrective drop to around $25 before a potential long-term rally.
  • Crypto 4Light underscores the importance of not giving in to overly optimistic expectations and encourages traders to mark zones for position adjustments cautiously, taking into consideration potential market traps.

Star Trading Friend suggests a trading strategy with an entry price of approximately $28.96 and two initial target prices of $38 and $60. The ultimate target is estimated to be around $394.

Dash Overview

Source: cryptorank.io

Dash Price History

Dash, formerly known as Darkcoin and XCoin, is a cryptocurrency that aims to offer fast, secure, and private transactions. It was launched in January 2014 by Evan Duffield, with the goal of improving upon Bitcoin’s features, particularly in terms of transaction speed and privacy.

Here’s Dash’s price history:

  • Launch and Early Years (2014 – 2016):

Dash was launched in January 2014, and its initial price was very low, often less than $1 per DASH. During this period, Dash started gaining some attention within the cryptocurrency community because of its innovative features, such as its two-tier network with miners and masternodes.

  • 2017 Bull Run and All-Time High (Late 2016 – Early 2018):

Dash saw significant growth during the cryptocurrency market bull run of 2017. The price surged rapidly from mid-2017 onwards. In December 2017, Dash reached its all-time high (ATH) price of $1,642.22, per coinmarketcap.

  • Correction and Stabilization (2018 – 2019):

After the peak of the 2017 bull run, the entire cryptocurrency market experienced a correction, and Dash was no exception. The price gradually decreased, and by the end of 2018, Dash was trading at a much lower value of about $80 compared to its ATH.

  • 2020 – 2023:

In 2020, the cryptocurrency market showed signs of recovery, with many major cryptocurrencies gaining momentum again. Dash also benefited from this market resurgence and saw its price increase to above $160, but it did not reach its previous all-time high. In 2021, Dash experienced more significant price recoveries, reaching a peak price of $404.89, but at the turn of 2022, the entire market was hit by a bearish wave, which took DASH to as low as $33.75.

The Dash coin has had a positive start to 2023, soaring by 41.98% to reach $74.22 on February 28. However, the bears soon returned to the market, and DASH plunged to $29.03 in mid-June. Currently, DASH is trading between the $30 to $35 price range.


Dash is a Bitcoin fork and thus, anticipated that Dash to perform well in the market. The company’s objective of creating an ecosystem for rapid transactions, which includes the Dash currency, the Dash app, and numerous relationships with companies that use Dash, appears to have a lot of promise while still being within reach.

Time has given Dash the leverage to create a robust ecosystem in the crypto world and to bring in more WEB3.0 features in the future. This will give DASH the credibility to last longer. Dash’s ascent to the top of the cryptocurrency market has undoubtedly slowed down, with the coin now ranking 92nd in terms of market capitalization. However, based on use cases, DASH is still very much alive and well, as shown by the Dash coin price prediction.

Although officially a derivative of Litecoin, Dash is more closely related to Litecoin than Litecoin is to the original Bitcoin blockchain, despite having certain similarities. While there is no way to accurately predict how high or low the prices could go, most experts are bullish on Dash’s future price points.

Dash price forecasts, at the very least, mostly reflect widespread confidence about the cryptocurrency’s future. Please do your own research before investing in any cryptocurrency.

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