Despite Overcollateralized Reserve, Tron’s USDD Stablecoin Slips to $0.974 per Token

Despite Overcollateralized Reserve, Tron's USDD Stablecoin Slips to $0.974 per Token

Following the crypto market carnage on Monday, the following day crypto prices have shown some improvement. However, Tron’s stablecoin USDD has once again dropped to $0.974 per unit, indicating a small amount of instability continues to plague the fiat-pegged token. The dip to $0.97 follows Monday’s deviation from the parity and comes after the Tron DAO Reserve deployed large quantities of USDC to shore up the reserve’s defense.

Tron’s USDD Stablecoin Continues to Remain Lower Than the $1 Parity, Tron DAO Reserve Deploys 500M USDC

Many cryptocurrency supporters are watching Tron’s stablecoin USDD very closely after the incident that took place within the Terra blockchain ecosystem. On June 13, the algorithmic stablecoin slipped to $0.977 per unit while crypto markets suffered extreme losses throughout the day.

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During the evening trading sessions on Monday, bitcoin’s (BTC) price fell below $21K and held just above 2017’s all-time price high. On Tuesday, crypto prices have seen a slight improvement but USDD is still under the $1 parity.

At the time of writing, USDD is swapping for values between $0.978 and $0.98 per unit, but hit a low on Tuesday at $0.974253 per token. The most recent low is a touch lower than the drop recorded the day prior, and it happened at 3:45 a.m. (ET) on Tuesday.

The drop happened after the Tron DAO reserve decided to deploy millions of USDC to defend the token’s $1 parity. “To safeguard the overall blockchain industry and crypto market, Tron DAO reserve have increased 650,000,000 USDC supply on TRON,” the organization explained. “Currently USDC supply on TRON has reached $2.5 billion.”

People are concerned about USDD because it is similar to Terra’s former stablecoin UST which saw a slight de-pegging the day before it dive-bombed toward $0.704 per unit on May 9, 2022. On Tuesday, Tron’s founder Justin Sun tweeted about the USDD movement against tether (USDT).

“2pool have recovered back to 55/45 balance,” Sun said. “I believe it will be back to 50/50 in 24 hours with [a] 247% collateralization rate. You might see the fear here but I see [a] 2% profit opportunity.” Sun also shared data tied to the stablecoin transaction volume on the Tron network on June 13.

Currently, at 7:30 a.m. (ET), the Tron DAO reserve web page shows the reserve’s collateral ratio is 246.26%. That’s roughly $1,781,291,610 at the time of writing, while the number of USDD in circulation today is 723,321,764 USDD. The collateral backing USDD’s peg consists of tron (TRX), as there’s 10.87 billion TRX held, and 14,040 bitcoin (BTC) as well.

140 million USDT is also held by the reserve and 500 million USDC is also recorded in the Tron DAO reserve ledger. The Tron DAO reserve stats show that other stablecoins are collateralized by 100% reserves and DAI is overcollateralized by 120%. The website highlights that USDD is a lot more collateralized than the other stablecoins showcased.

Tron DAO Reserve Deploys 500 Million USDC to Defend Stablecoin’s Peg at 8:40 a.m. Eastern Standard

The defi protocol called Justlend, which offers a 20% APY similar to the one once offered by the Terra defi application Anchor, is Tron’s largest defi application today, with $2.36 billion total value locked (TVL). Tron’s entire TVL is $4.55 billion which means Justlend’s dominance today is 51.86%. Justlend still saw a TVL increase of over 33% during the last 30 days despite the recent market carnage. With USDD hitting a low of $0.974, a $100 investment would only equate to $97.40.

After the price of USDD dropped to $0.97 again, the Tron DAO Reserve deployed another 500 million USDC to defend the peg, bringing the collateral backing up to 310% by 8:40 a.m. (ET) on Tuesday morning. “For the current market extreme condition, [the Tron DAO Reserve] has received another 500 million USDC to defend USDD peg. Now USDD collateralization rate is 310%,” the Tron DAO Reserve tweeted.

What do you think about Tron’s stablecoin USDD dropping to $0.97 per coin? Let us know what you think about this subject in the comments section below.

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