Digital Arms Partners With AFKDAO To Bring Real-World DeFi Utility To Firearms NFTs

Sydney, Australia, 20th June, 2022, Chainwire

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Digital Arms, an NFT trading platform that’s reimaging the world of firearms for gamers and hunters, has announced a key collaboration with AFKDAO that intends to unlock the liquidity value of its unique gaming assets.  

Digital Arms has established key relationships with the world’s most renowned firearms manufacturers and accessory brands, creating a unique interactive NFT marketplace where gamers and hunting enthusiasts can explore, acquire and trade tokenized firearms and accessories. 

The Digital Arms NFT marketplace is designed to enable NFT-based firearm interoperability throughout the world of video games, building new use cases for the metaverse, gaming platforms and play-to-earn gaming guilds. Each Digital Arms NFT has a unique identity that video game developers can leverage to identify and recreate weaponry in the digital environments they create. 

Digital Arms’ NFTs will have next-level utility, with users able to purchase skins and accessories for their weaponry and forge new firearms out of them, creating rarer and more valuable NFTs in the process. NFT holders will also be able to stake their assets to produce new tokens through breeding, while earning bonus APY in the platform’s native $HNTR token. In addition, firearms merchants will be able to create their own branded storefronts on Digital Arms’ platform to display NFT-based firearms, accessories and services, and accept payment in $HNTR. 

The collaboration with AFKDAO is an important step that will bring substantial utility to Digital Arms’ NFTs and enable wider integration within the P2E gaming ecosystem. AFKDAO has built a DeFi infrastructure for NFTs that allows blockchain projects to tap into the metaverse and the opportunities provided by decentralized finance. It provides cutting-edge tools and protocols that act as a gateway for NFTs to access the P2E ecosystem. 

Through the partnership, Digital Arms will make its firearms NFTs available on the AFKDAO chain, where they will be rentable and accessible to a range of NFT-specific DeFi services. AFKDAO will provide both low-collateral lending and borrowing pool solutions to unlock the liquidity of Digital Arms NFTs. This will transform its NFTs into a real-world asset class through automated play-to-earn strategies, as opposed to centralized utilities tied to a single gaming platform.

About Digital Arms

Digital Arms hosts exclusive IP rights to the world’s leading firearm brands. It has created a large, interactive NFT marketplace where users can explore, purchase, and trade digital firearms and accessories as NFTs. This will help facilitate NFT firearm gaming interoperability, and build new use cases for the metaverse, gaming and guild platforms. Digital Arms appeals to firearm enthusiasts and the shooter gaming community.


AFKDAO is a DeFi infrastructure for utility NFTs. We believe that the value of utility NFTs comes from the high utilization rate of such NFTs including membership passes, game NFTs, etc. To maximize the NFT utilization rate, we need to make NFTs rentable and accessible to NFT-specific DeFi services to make them a real asset class rather than tied up to sole centralized utilities within a game.


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