Eminem promotes a BAYC video alongside Snoop Dogg

The rapper Eminem has shown great interest in the BAYC virtual pieces that the company Yuga Labs brought. This occurs as the crypto trade experiences a time of recession where Ethereum, and Bitcoin, are one of the most affected tokens.

Since the BAYC collectibles were released, significant hip-hop artists like Eminem have made jokes about the NFT pieces. But this time, the rapper created a themed video with Snoop Dogg about Bored Ape.

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Rap song with BAYC collectibles

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Eminem, who is usually active on the social network Twitter, recently posted a set of his new track named “From The D 2 the LBC”. In the musical short film, you can see the artist’s BAYC piece following the comic-type theme.

Later, the rapper would publish another video where he is seen with Snoop Dogg, but in his BAYC ape version. Both singers have their BAYC NFT pieces, making them great exponents of alternative technology to the crypto market. In the musical single, the rappers can be seen applauding their places of origin, Long Beach for Snoop Dogg and Detroit for Eminem.

Throughout the video, the NFT pieces can be seen making moves and rapping in the style of music stars. A few days after the video was released, the number of views, likes, and positive comments did not stop.

Eminem makes the BAYC collection increase in value

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After the publication of the video on Eminem’s profile, it has been possible to see the rise in the value of the BAYC collectibles still on the market. The musical piece shown at the “Ape Fest 2022” exhibition for the third week of June 2022 allowed the Apecoin price to increase to over 22 percent.

While the rise in APE value picked up quickly, it was not stable as the token has fallen by over 8 percent in the past day. Apecoin is trading above $4.70, maintaining a loss of 87.99 percent from the last ATH it experienced for March 2022, according to CoinMarketCap.

Eminem bought the NFT piece worth $462000 in OpenSea for 2021. Also, other big-screen singers and stars have participated in this technology by obtaining their own NFTs.

Bruce Willis, Madonna, and Justin Bieber are reportedly active in these NFT collections and other crypto-based technologies. Snoop Dogg is not far behind in participation because the rapper also owns his collectibles, including the one he presented with Eminem recently.

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