Ethereum co-founder is optimistic about the crypto landscape

Recently the co-founder of the Ethereum cryptocurrency, Buterin Vitalik, spoke openly about the situation that the crypto market is going through, accompanied by Tang Audrey, who would be the head of the Taiwan government. At the meeting, both characters discussed the use of cryptocurrencies worldwide and that more people are attracted to the decentralized scheme.

Crypto trading continues to have a bearish streak where Bitcoin has been one of the hardest-hit tokens. However, it is a time of recession that could end soon, knowing that new technologies are emerging every day.

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Buterin and the head of the Taiwan government talk about cryptos


Recently Tang Audrey, the head of the Taiwan government, shared a section on “TaiwanPlus” with Buterin Vitalik to talk about cryptocurrencies. According to reports, this meeting allowed Buterin to announce new Ethereum-based projects, such as the “soulbound token,” being an effective element in voting programs. Tang indicates that the project can be useful for the nation, referring to Taiwan.

Buterin, known for being the promoter of new technologies, says that the group’s global markets are absent. He also suggests that social networks, for example, Twitter, distort Western opinions. However, with Token soulbound, everything could change because it will give more freedom to the opinions of the most affected global markets.

Both Tang and Buterin agree that web platforms are a key point in the geopolitical scheme. But Buterin insists that the ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia forms a critical juncture for the crypto market. With this comment, Buterin would refer to using Ethereum among the main NGOs or other organizations that seek to support the Ukrainian territory in its battle against the Vladimir Putin government.

Ethereum continues to decline, and Buterin feels optimistic


The crypto market continues to decline, but Buterin Vitalik, the Ethereum co-founder, looks optimistic during his interview with Tang on TaiwanPlus. Vitalik closes the set, saying that the simplest way to enter the space is to contribute and be active in the purpose to see how far it goes, referring to the soulbound token project.

Both crypto market fans believe that Taiwan could become a powerhouse for technology; this is something Tang has been working on since 2016. Tang insists that cryptos will change the traditional financial market, and all their innovations could cover various spaces at the global level.

While the interview ended successfully, Ethereum, like other tokens, lost around 2 percent of its value, making the market look stagnant. However, Buterin’s optimism would indicate this stage is about to end and that he has more crypto developments on his hands he could reveal at the right time.

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