Famous Names Working Hard In The After World

Famous people earn plenty of money while they’re alive and kicking in this life, but did you know that many of them go on to make megabucks when they enter the next life too? Over the years, celebrities have raked in millions, and it continues to be the case today.

John Lennon

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John Lennon was a member of one of the most iconic music groups of all time in, The Beatles, but his life was cruelly cut short after being murdered in New York City in 1980 at the age of 40. However, not only has his music lived on, but so has his writing, drawings and influence on activism. John Lennon is also one of many famous names who continue to earn after death, as per a recent study conducted by PartyCasino, with an income of over £100,000,000 in the last decade.

Juice Wrld

Jarad Anthony Higgins, more commonly known as Juice Wrld, was a rapper who seemingly had the world at his feet. He’d played big shows at the likes of the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Atlantic City, with those in attendance there solely for the music and not the gaming. But, following a medical episode, Juice Wrld died at the age of just 21. However, his music continues to thrive, with two released after the hip-hop star’s untimely passing, and this sees him continue to make millions.

Luther Vandross

Has there been a more soulful voice than that of recording artist Luther Vandross? The Never Too Much singer released a stunning fourteen studio albums between 1981 and 2003, and in that time became a Grammy Award winner and one of the most sought-after artists for features. Vandross passed into the next life in 2005 after illness, but his music, not just solo but the tracks he did vocals on alongside others, have seen him earn close to £20,000,000 in the last year, making him one of the top earners after death.

Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant is one of the greatest basketball players of all time. The shooting guard who won everything there is to win in the sport spent all of his twenty-year career in the game with the Los Angeles Lakers and is rightfully a hall of famer. Tragically, a helicopter crash saw Bryant lose his life in 2020 at the age of 41, and in the year following his death, he was one of the top earners after seeing an income of £20,000,000 come his way. He’s since become one of the deceased sports stars who continue to see their estate flourish.For the famous, life doesn’t necessarily end when death arrives. Instead, many celebrities, especially those involved in the arts, entertainment or sport, continue to rake in money thanks to what they did while alive on planet earth, which goes on to set their family up for generations to come. And unfortunately, the number of  deceased legends that redefined the 20th century keeps growing every year, but at least we still have their legacy to keep us company.

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