Film and Television Revolutionized by the Blockchain

Over the last few years, fans of television and film have seen a shift in content consumption during the highly public “streaming wars” around the world. The entertainment industry moved away from physical stores and DVDs, into the digital streaming model. Now, the blockchain and its decentralized philosophy offers fans a more immersive way to participate in the content they consume.

In this new model, fans will not only be able to stream content, but directly support the community by owning and operating Film Nodes and NFTs, while gaining access to talent through immersive experiences and even receive rewards while doing so. It also benefits Filmmakers and creators by giving them creative license and direct ownership over their vision.

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Leading this decentralized entertainment revolution is the recently launched Gala Film, a leader in Web3 entertainment.

Gala Film

Started by Gala, the creators of Gala Games and Gala Music, Gala Film is building the future of entertainment on the blockchain. Their leading Web3 entertainment ecosystem will host new projects, immersive and exclusive content, NFTs and give fans control over their entertainment. The Web3 leader has already partnered with some heavy hitters throughout the industry.

The slate of releases is sure to gain attention around the globe. Gala Film shared that they will partner with Oscar-nominated and Emmy Award Winning Stick Figure Productions to present FOUR DOWN, a feature length documentary directed by award-winning filmmaker Steven Cantor based on the New York Times best-seller NOT WITHOUT HOPE, written by Nick Schuyler and Jere Longman.

The decentralized entertainment platform has other notable partnerships with names Battle Island in the production of their animated series ‘Ghosts of Ruin’ to be released at a future date. Gala Film has also partnered with Ai&Aiko, Peter Draw’s simplistic and charming visual storytelling brought to life through the Gala Film platform. Entertainment fans won’t want to miss the opportunity to not only stream these amazing projects, but actively support the hosting of Gala Film.

The Future of Entertainment, Built by Fans

Fans are central to Gala Film, as they can own and operate Gala Film Nodes, the foundation of the Gala network. Film Nodes hosts content, and NFTs across Gala Film. By purchasing a Film Node License, fans can support the decentralized entertainment ecosystem. In doing so, Node owners receive exclusive rewards and immersive experiences.

That said, Node ownership isn’t the only way to build the future of film and television, while receiving rewards on the blockchain. By purchasing Gala Film NFTs, fans help the Web3 entertainment ecosystem, and receive rewards for doing so. This truly is an exciting time to rewrite the script on how projects are made, consumed and experienced in the Web3 market.

Support Gala Film Through Node Ownership

This month, Gala Film Nodes went on sale. Consumers purchased Nodes in both bundles and as single Nodes. A limited number of Nodes are now live for a short period of time, and you can be rewarded for owning and operating your own. You’ll be part of a network of Node owners who are pioneers in the decentralized entertainment revolution. Film Node Licenses can be purchased here.


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