GameRefinery gives its opinion on Blockchain video games and their future

Recently, the Finnish company dedicated to developing and analyzing games, GameRefinery, investigated the technology of video games based on Blockchain networks. According to the company director, this would be an innovation for the industry because it attracts traditional gamers, cryptocurrencies, or NFTs fans who seek to monetize their time invested in the game.

For approximately six years, the video game industry has been renewing itself towards a friendlier technology such as Blockchain networks. GameRefinery and other analysis companies have dedicated their time to seeing this new technology and if it offers positive results for the market that everyone has known for decades.

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Blockchain-Based Video Games: Are they good or bad?


Although the trend in Blockchain-based video games looks like something new, it has been developing for several years and offering opportunities to its fans. According to reports, Axie Infinity would correspond to one of the first Blockchain games since its launch was generated in 2018, although in 2021, it was its growth stage in adoption. Other NFT projects such as Plants vs Undead would eventually be created, a trend in the video game industry until the beginning of 2022.

GameRefinery indicates that four video games, such as Thetan Arena, MIR4, Highrise, and Upland, have been a trend in the industry. However, the firm clarifies that each video game follows its theme, although this would be based on the Blockchain network, known for its link to cryptocurrencies.

GameRefinery is unbiased with developments in NFT video games


Although GameRefinery speaks highly of Blockchain-based video game industry developments, the company has been unbiased about the technology. The manager says these developments would be incomplete because the user still has to use various mechanisms to enjoy the game. A clear example is that users will still need to create a mobile crypto wallet to invest money in the NFT game.

However, the company also recognizes that for a short time in operating NFT games, they have come far. GameRefinery could keep a close eye on the latest developments in Blockchain-based video games and thus change opinion about them.

With the recent downturn in the crypto market, the Blockchain-based video game industry has been dormant, but that could change quickly. The NFT trading that most games focus on is still new and needs more people to trust it.

Some Blockchain games, such as MIR4, keep their community intact because it present gameplay focused on an open universe. Other video games like Summoners War of the RPG category are increasing in popularity as new Blockchain-focused developments are released. When the crypto market rises, both video games will likely begin the trends due to the profits they will grant to their users.

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