GMO Media to Launch a Verse on Oasys with three initial titles announced for December

Singapore, Singapore, September 21st, 2023, Chainwire

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Oasys, a game-focused blockchain, is pleased to announce a collaboration with GMO Media, a subsidiary of Japanese internet giant GMO Internet Group, to introduce “GESOTEN Verse” (tentative name) on Oasys. As part of the collaboration, three titles have been confirmed for release in December 2023, in conjunction with the new Verse.

GMO Media started its crypto business in 2014, working on technical development using smart contract and IEO support for business among other services. “GESOTEN Verse” (tentative name) will allow users of the “GESOTEN by GMO” gaming platform to seamlessly play blockchain games using their existing IDs from the platform. “GESOTEN byGMO” has formed partnerships with various domestic point services and e-commerce services, and is planning to develop a system where users can earn cryptocurrencies and various points as rewards while playing games.

The following titles are among the initial ones to be confirmed:

1. “UNIVERSAL STALLION” (Provided by HashLink)

  • This is a play-to-earn horse racing game that pursues realism. You can raise your own racehorse, the only one in the world, on the blockchain. You can earn in-game currency and items by winning races with your racehorses, and you can also earn in-game currency by breeding and trading.

2. “KITARO ~ YOKAI STREET ~” (Provided by Fuji Games)

  • A nurturing social game where players who have wandered into the world of GeGeGe no Kitaro work with Yokai to defeat the evil Yokai, develop Yokai Alley, and create a paradise where cute Yokai gather. Playing within “GESOTEN byGMO” allows players to acquire NFTs on “GESOTEN Verse” and introduces Play-to-Earn elements into traditional gameplay.

3. “YOLO FOX” (Provided by MetalistGame)

  • Yolofox game is the world’s first travel-themed development placement game that uses the concept of “AI + co-creation”, and builds a unique AI-driven game world with players.
  • Yolofox Game cooperates with a top AI organization. Players will participate in creating AIGC game content and gameplay, train and train exclusive AI NPCs, and share the game revenue brought by AI creation.

Additionally, “GESOTEN byGMO” will be featured at the Oasys booth during the Tokyo Game Show 2023, starting on September 21st. Attendees can participate in mini-games to earn OAS tokens and receive original merchandise.

We hope you’re as excited as we are for the arrival of “GESOTEN Verse” and the new titles!

About “GESOTEN by GMO” (URL:

“Gesoten by GMO” is an online game and community service that allows you to play various online games, for free, with a community function that allows users to interact with each other.

It also works with services operated by GMO Media, such as “Point Town by GMO,” allowing players to earn points while playing games.

About Oasys

Oasys is a blockchain project with a focus on gaming, operating under the concept of “Blockchain for Games.” Over 20 members serve as Oasys validators (chain operators), including major gaming companies like Bandai Namco Research and Web3 companies. Oasys uses a PoS (Proof of Stake) consensus mechanism that also considers environmental factors.

The project aims to provide blockchain gamers with fee-free transactions and accelerated transaction processing through its unique Oasys architecture, ensuring a comfortable gaming environment.






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