Green Satoshi Token Price Prediction 2022-2031: Is GST A Good Investment?

Green Satoshi Token Price Prediction 2022-2031

Getting listed last 28 April 2022 on KuCoin could be another feather in the cap for Green Satoshi Token (GST), and true enough, the price of GST has increased by 59% in the past 30 days. Let’s take a look at this Green Satoshi Token Price Prediction guide and determine whether GST will reach $15 by the end of 2022 or if it deserves a place in your crypto portfolio.

GST, the game token of the Web 3.0 lifestyle app STEPN, allows users to win rewards through walking, running, or jogging, and the token performed very well in the first few months of 2022. After spiking high on its well-acclaimed debut, the utility coin plummeted in the third quarter of 2022. GST’s dismal performance to date is ascribed to the faltering of the non-fungible token (NFT) market.

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Previously, GST was in a good upward trend and increased by 76.44%. GST could still redeem its very strong potential. This could be a good opportunity to consider adding GST to your crypto portfolio after going through this Green Satoshi Token price prediction.

Today’s Green Satoshi Token (SOL) price is $0.024622 with a 24-hour trading volume of $2,945,869. Green Satoshi Token (SOL) is down 0.60% in the last 24 hours. The current CoinMarketCap ranking is #678, with a live market cap of $14,065,660. It has a circulating supply of 571,268,275 GST coins and the max. supply is not available.

What is Green Satoshi?

Green Satoshi Token (GST/SOL) is a native gaming token of the STEPN blockchain. The blockchain was meant to introduce a gamification design and a fun way to conduct day-to-day activities. In so doing, the blockchain would realize its main goal: to help the world’s population lead a healthy and active lifestyle. In 2021, the Solana Ignition Hackathon saw the project compete for 4th place out of a whopping 500 projects. The project prides itself in being the first of its kind to execute a convenient move, earn concept and inspire millions.

To join the wave, you need to download the STEPN mobile app on the Google Play Store for Android users and the apple app store for iOS device users. You can then proceed to register an account and create your own wallet. You can then deposit SOL tokens to the created wallet, buy NFT and wait for 24 hours.  The waiting period is necessary as it is when energy replenishment occurs.

Green Satoshi Token (GST) is a Solana token that powers STEPN, a Web3 lifestyle app that encourages users to “move to earn.” STEPN users with NFT sneakers can earn GST by walking or running outdoors or “renting” out their NFT sneakers to other users. GST can be used to pay for digital items and upgrades in the crypto market.

STEPN Founders

STEPN was founded in August 2021 by the Australian fintech firm Find Satoshi Lab.

The new management was founded in September of that year, and the project secured the Solana Ignition Hackathon Gaming Track 2021 in October

Jerry Huang, a top-ranked game developer, is a co-founder of the firm, and his experience still remains undebatable. STEPN was not his first project since before its launch, Huang has been involved in a series of game development, marketing as well as testing, especially for the Apple users

Another key principle and co-founder is Yawn Rong. Rong is an experienced crypto investor, long-time blockchain incubator, and successful entrepreneur. Rong has successfully upgraded projects from small beginnings to national levels in the past.

Jessica Duan, the Company’s CSO, holds experience in design and architecture.  She holds an influential position as she is responsible for advising partners and clients, blockchain technology analysis, market trends, and innovations.

GST advocates a healthier lifestyle

On Earth Day, 22 April, STEPN announced that it had purchased $100,000, or 5,797.1 tonnes, of Carbon Removal Tonnes on the Nori blockchain-based Carbon Removal Marketplace and will make monthly purchases to offset emissions.

Nori sources carbon removals by working with regenerative farmers who are sequestering and storing carbon dioxide in their soils. Each carbon removal tonne purchased incentivizes more farmers to adopt climate-smart practices that restore Earth’s soils.

STEPN Earth Day Announcement

The activity rewards have been said to be a motivating factor to the general public. People are encouraged to go out and keep fit, leading to a healthy life and being physically fit. Additionally, the STEPN system has diverse features and options ranging from the marketplace, wallet, and a swap. It is worth noting that to use the application, You do not need to have a diverse knowledge of blockchain technology. The system is rather simple and easy to use; users can navigate it easily. Alternatively, the system offers free rental of NFT new sneakers.

The team is committed to expanding its operations and involves both the social and community elements in its network. The main aim is to motivate those passionate about running and leading healthy and active life by helping them earn through cryptocurrency.

Green Satoshi Token was mentioned in 2,206 out of 2,469,833 social media posts on Twitter and Reddit on May 10, 2022. 4,013 unique individuals are talking about Green Satoshi Token, ranked #103 in most mentions and activity from collected posts.

GST Technical Analysis

Green Satoshi Token Price Prediction 2022-2031: Is GST A Good Investment? 5

Green Satoshi price analysis for October 5, 2022, reveals the market following a positive movement, obtaining significant positive momentum, signifying a gain of positivity for the GST market. The price of Green Satoshi has remained negative over the past few hours. On October 4, 2022, the price rose from $0.023 to $0.024. Moreover, the market increased in value soon after and lost some value. Moreover, Green Satoshi has peaked with a current price of $0.026, just shying away from the $0.3 mark.

Green Satoshi price analysis reveals the market’s volatility following a closing movement. This means that the price of Green Satoshi is becoming less prone to the movement towards either extreme, showing increasing dynamics. The Bollinger’s band’s upper limit is $0.036, which is the strongest resistance point for GST. Conversely, the lower limit of Bollinger’s band is $0.023, which is the support point for GST.

The GST/USD price appears to be moving under the price of the Moving Average, signifying a bearish movement. The market’s trend seems to be dominated by bears. The GST/USD price appears to be moving upward, illustrating an increasing market. The market appears to be showing further bullish potential.

Green Satoshi price analysis reveals that the Relative Strength Index (RSI) is 36, showing a slightly undervalued cryptocurrency market. This means that the cryptocurrency falls in the lower-neutral region. Furthermore, the RSI appears to move upwards, indicating an increasing market. The dominance of buying activities causes the RSI score to increase.

Green Satoshi price analysis reveals that cryptocurrency follows an upward trend with much room for activity on the positive extreme. Moreover, the market’s current condition appears to be following a positive approach, as it shows the potential to move to either bullish extreme. The market shows much potential for development towards the increasing end of the market.

Green Satoshi Price Predictions by Cryptopolitan

Green Satoshi Token Price Prediction 2022-2031: Is GST A Good Investment? 6
Green Satoshi Token Price Prediction 2022-2031: Is GST A Good Investment? 7

Green Satoshi Price Prediction 2022

Green Satoshi price prediction 2022 ranges from a maximum price of $3.13 to a minimum price of $2.89, with an average trading price of $2.99.

Green Satoshi Price Prediction 2023

Green Satoshi price prediction 2023 ranges from a maximum price of $5.05 to a minimum of $4.27, with an average forecast price of $4.39.

Green Satoshi Price Prediction 2024

Green Satoshi price prediction 2024 ranges from a maximum value of $7.4 to a minimum value of $6.08, with an average trading value of $6.26.

Green Satoshi Price Prediction 2025

Green Satoshi price prediction 2025 ranges from a maximum of $10.27 to a minimum of $8.93, with an average value of $9.18.

Green Satoshi Price Prediction 2026

Green Satoshi price prediction 2026 ranges from a maximum of $15.25 to a minimum of $13.27, with an average of $13.73.

Green Satoshi Price Prediction 2027

Green Satoshi price prediction 2027 ranges from a maximum of $22.55 to a minimum of $18.83, with an average of $19.38.

Green Satoshi Price Prediction 2028

GST price prediction 2028 ranges from a maximum of $32.78 to a minimum of $27.11, with an average of $27.88.

Green Satoshi Price Prediction 2029

Green Satoshi price prediction 2029 ranges from the highest price of $45.73 to a minimum of $39.39, with an average of $40.51.

Green Satoshi Price Prediction 2030

Green Satoshi price prediction 2030 ranges from a maximum of $69.26 to a minimum of $57.81, with an average of $59.43.

Green Satoshi Price Prediction 2031

Green Satoshi price prediction 2031 ranges from a maximum of $98.4 to a minimum of $86.93, with an average of $88.9.

Green Satoshi Price Predictions by DigitalCoinPrice

In a more upbeat estimate, DigitalCoinPrice claimed that by December of 2022, the Green Satoshi Token price might have averaged $0.0722. The platform estimated that the price of GST in 2023 may reach $0.088. According to the website, the price of a Green Satoshi Token in 2025 would be $0.11, and in 2030, it would be $0.28.

Green Satoshi Price Predictions by GOV.Capital

In a pessimistic estimate, Gov.Capital stated that GST might be worthless by September of this year.

Green Satoshi Price Predictions by

According to’s Green Satoshi price forecast, the token will cost an average of $3.24 during the period of 2022 before increasing to an average price of $10.94 by 2025, according to PricePrediction. The platform predicted an amazing $73.64 for 2030.

Green Satoshi Token Price Predictions by Industry Influencers

According to Industry influencers on Twitter, the GST token, trending under the hashtag #GST at the time of this writing, has an exciting future packed with several upgrades and improvements. Based on these projections, the Green Satoshi COmmunity remains solid. A solid community that believes in the product is a significant factor for the growth of any cryptocurrency. @Metahverse on Twitter expresses his optimism about the project, as shown below.


The GST token is a game token based on a Web 3.0 platform. The current developments on Web 3.0 are increasingly becoming applicable to real-world applications showing impressive progress for the future of blockchain and blockchain-related applications. Today, several other Web 3.0 products have been successful.

Although the current cryptocurrency market is bearish and most young investors are panicking, there are significant benefits to purchasing and holding visionary tokens like the Green Satoshi token, which have excellent track records, solid infrastructure, and an exciting community of users who believe in the project. 

Early in 2022, GST undoubtedly appeared to be in a strong position, but the STEPN app faces competition in a fast-developing NFT market. GST is expected to reflect market activity as the NFT market deteriorates. So it can be considered a good investment.

Investing is a very personal activity that depends on your own investment objectives. Do your own research and stay informed about any changes to the STEPN environment.

Whether Green Satoshi Token is a suitable investment for you depends on your risk tolerance and how much you intend to invest, among other factors, the primary of which is your overall financial status. High-risk investments should make up a small part of your overall portfolio — one common guideline is no more than 10%.

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