Harvest 3 Reveals Next Gen Yield Farming Platform, Featuring Support for Verse DEX by Bitcoin․com

PRESS RELEASE. Harvest Finance, a leading DeFi platform since mid-2020, is thrilled to announce the launch of its latest product offering, Harvest 3. This platform update introduces a suite of new features and an improved user experience, including the expansion of yield farming opportunities with support for Bitcoin.com’s Verse DEX decentralized exchange.

The first farming opportunity to be launched under this collaboration is the VERSE-ETH farm, swiftly followed by the anticipated launches of WBTC/ETH and USDC/ETH farms.

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Harvest 3 is the first to offer farming opportunities on Verse DEX with the unique ability for users to utilize any token in their wallet as liquidity.

Users also benefit from Harvest’s auto-compounding feature which optimizes farming yields. By pooling assets and streamlining network costs, Harvest enables anyone to maximize returns while minimizing gas expenses.

To enhance the user experience, Harvest incorporated the Wido Router, enabling users to effortlessly deposit any token into any Verse farm. There is no need for LP tokens, as the Wido Router efficiently handles the conversion of a user’s token into the corresponding LP and subsequently deposits it.

To improve transparency, Harvest 3 offers detailed APY, Balance, and TVL charts, allowing users to preview them in different time frames and gain insight into the historical performance of their investments.

Moreover, dedicated farm URLs have been implemented to facilitate tailored campaigns for Harvest and its partners, driving targeted traffic and boosting marketing efforts for each farm.

In addition to these features, Harvest is intensifying its focus on Arbitrum by integrating Arbitrum farms within the native app and unveiling plans to extend its flagship token, iFARM, and bootstrap liquidity on the Arbitrum network.

As Harvest’s vaults transition to the ERC-4626 standard, the platform becomes more composable with the broader DeFi ecosystem. Harvest Finance continues to lead the way in delivering innovative and accessible DeFi solutions, with no lock-up periods or withdrawal constraints. Users can effortlessly access and manage their funds while enjoying the benefits of Harvest 3’s enhanced features and capabilities.

About Harvest

Harvest Finance is a pioneering DeFi yield farming platform established in mid-2020. Designed to maximize earnings and streamline the user experience, Harvest Finance pools assets and optimizes network costs associated with auto-compounding. With an ever-evolving suite of features and integrations, Harvest offers a user-friendly experience across various DeFi yield-generating opportunities, ensuring flexibility and accessibility for its users.

Connect with Harvest: Website Twitter Discord

About Verse DEX

Verse is a decentralized exchange (DEX) developed by Bitcoin.com, providing innovative solutions for traders and liquidity providers to enhance their earnings. Through Verse Farms, liquidity providers can deposit their LP tokens, earned by contributing to Verse Pools, to receive additional rewards on top of trading fees. As an integral part of Bitcoin.com’s ecosystem, Verse DEX is committed to delivering a seamless and rewarding experience for its users in the DeFi space.




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