How is ESPN Leveraging AI to Improve the Customer Experience?

ESPN is utilizing Domo App Studio to improve customer service, Domo said today. In order to improve the fan experience, ESPN developed a unique app that analyzes customer service survey data at scale with the help of Domo Partner RXA, which is a top global applied AI and data science consultancy.

ESPN thinks that customer emotions are important

Determining the main problems that fans face requires an understanding of the sentiment of the data. ESPN implemented a sentiment analysis system with the assistance of Domo and RXA. 

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The real-time emotions from talks across several client channels were successfully extracted in this way. classifying the good, neutral, and negative viewpoints that fans were expressing using artificial intelligence.

As a diverse company, ESPN has a sizable and advanced contact center to assist customers with issues about anything from their fantasy portal to the ESPN+ app. 

In the past, customer interactions with the center were monitored using star ratings on a one-to-five scale. 

However, ESPN’s team found that a significant amount of insightful information was lost because the written context that accompanied reviews wasn’t preserved in a scalable way. 

The numerical data was devoid of specifics about how to improve customer service, which contact center agents were doing well, and where further training was required.

But not only does the contact center receive conversation data, it also receives a ton of discussion data from other online platforms, including personal blogs, Twitter feeds, and online forums like Reddit. 

ESPN is able to consolidate data from disparate sources—such as online conversations and data that comes in directly to Fan Support—by utilizing Domo’s technology. ESPN is able to map out all of the data to have a cohesive voice for the fan by combining these several data sources.

Doug Kramon, who is the Head of Customer Care and Fan Support at ESPN, said,

“Our goal is to create the best fan-to-fan dialogue, and the opportunity to use emotion is a huge differentiator.”

Source: Businesswire.

Employee training for a personalized experience

Kramon explained that ESPN is developing logically repeatable AI models that will be modeled after a thorough understanding of identified customer emotions. 

He said that the company will use these models to train newly hired employees to form a more smooth experience with users. The goal is to have well-prepared employees who can keep the brand strong and attract more customers.

Using an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface, Domo App Studio, their low-code app builder, enables users to design unique layouts and branding for their apps. 

Along with Domo’s AI Model Management layer, ESPN and the RXA team created a custom application that separated text in customer evaluations and evaluated sentiment and emotional passage in customer feedback.

The managing director of RXA, Jaison Harper, said,

“One of the most impactful learnings we had while developing this solution for ESPN is that the numerical reviews on their own often miss the details about what went well or where we could improve.”

He also added,

“When we move beyond mere numerical ratings—even within the realm of 5 stars—and delve into the specifics, we can distinguish elite agents from those who are merely high-performing.”

Source: Businesswire.

Harper was confident that they could formulate training modules that would improve the skills of the entire team. By understanding the reasons behind customer reviews with the help of AI, ESPN has rewarded skilled employees and also encouraged other employees to do as well as them in the contact center.

RJ Tracy, senior vice president of Partners, Strategic Development, and Channel at Domo, stated that the ability to create tailored experiences that lead to commercial outcomes is what makes App Studio so powerful. 

He said they are honored to collaborate with RXA, whose knowledgeable staff of experts in data science, data engineering, and business intelligence assists clients like ESPN in utilizing data in novel ways that enhance the company’s operations for the benefit of its workers, clients, and shareholders.

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