How to bridge to Dogechain?

Dogechain has continued to attract investors because of the enhanced services it offers. The increased utility of Dogecoin has been the reason that investors have flocked to it. As it has been operational for the last few days, it has seen considerable traffic. As the chained mainnet for Dogechain is live, the users can bridge their Doge holdings and reclaim them for their use on the mentioned blockchain.

The said blockchain is an L2 protocol built on Polygon Edge. The purpose of this blockchain is to enhance the utility of Doge for different purposes. These include decentralized finance, non-fungible tokens, and gaming. The users are keen to know how to link this network to their metamask wallet. The process for this linking is quite simple and can be completed in a few steps.

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Here is a brief overview of Dogechain and how to bridge it. 

L2 to Dogecoin

Dogechain, as said above, is a non-traditional Layer-2 protocol linked to Dogecoin. The difference between it and traditional L2 protocols is the absence of the affiliation between its developers and L1 founders. Though the developers of Dogecoin have said that they have no links to this chain, immense traffic has been seen for it. The reason is the enhanced benefits that the users see in the form of it.  

The said L2 chain connects Dogecoin to other networks for pragmatic purposes. The said chain is Ethereum Virtual Machine compatible and thus can be used for different purposes. Thus, finally, Doge has found utility. There are some prerequisites for the users to connect to Dogechain.

The first thing to do is connect Dogechain to their metamask wallet. Before connecting to the metamask wallet, the users would have to prepare at least 100 $DOGE. If the user doesn’t have at least 100 Doge or wDOGE in their wallets, they can’t proceed ahead. The bridging process won’t be initiated if someone uses a lesser amount. If these Doge are in the personal wallet or an exchange, they can be used for bridging purposes.

Bridging to Dogechain

The users need to have permission to withdraw the available DOGE to an external Dogecoin address. Some services like Robinhood and eToro don’t support this feature, so their users won’t be able to bridge. If the users don’t have a Dogechain wallet, they can do so by installing a metamask browser extension. The said step will connect the user with the smart contracts of the L2.

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The next step is bridging $DOGE on Dogechain using metamask. The process for wrapping Dogecoin is quite simple and has been streamlined for all types of users using different platforms. The first step is visiting the bridging page of Dogechain, which can be visited via The users have to click on connect wallet to log in to their metamask wallet.

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The following step is to choose the Metamask option and choose one of the available options. A prompt regarding the change to the Dogechain mainnet will appear, which the user needs to accept. The next step is the deposit option on their screen, where they have to confirm the address where they have to send DOGE.

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The users can choose the QR option or copy and paste the wallet address for the bridge. The ‘account’ tab will show the progress of the transaction. There is a need for at least 6 confirmations which will result in the minting of wDOGE for the users. The minted wDOGE will be sent to the user’s Dogechain address.

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Dogechain has announced the process of bridging $DOGE to the L2 network. The process can be completed in a few simple steps. The users need to connect their metamask wallet to L2 and then bridge Doge using the given address. As the process of confirmation is complete, the users will be able to get wDOGE. 

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