Is the crypto party over?

The global crypto market has seen a staggering fall in value as the losses increased. There are many reasons for its fall but what initiated its speedy fall was the speedy increase in inflation rates. Many crypto critics believe that the crypto party is over as it might not recover from the current recession. Their main argument is the fall of the global market cap value to a value below $1 trillion, almost one-third of its all-time high.

The losses for Bitcoin have triggered the fear that there might be no other chance this time. The market’s free-fall has created fears amongst the investors as the change has been speedier than expected. There have been positive bouts as influx has tried to revert the ongoing losses. It is yet to be seen whether influx will have the upper hand or efflux will be the ultimate move.

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Here is a brief overview of the ongoing market situation and whether it stands a chance of recovery.

Foundations of crypto and how is it backfiring

The global crypto market is a revolutionary body that has attempted to introduce a brand-new financial system. It gave the concept of decentralized finance (DeFi), which brought trustless payments to the customers. Bitcoin is considered the bedrock of this system, while later other coins and blockchain systems were introduced.

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The foundation of crypto lies in virtual payments and easing it by removing the trust factor. Thus, it has introduced different mechanisms for this purpose. Investors and crypto developers had expected it to reach record highs, but it has backfired in a decade. The current changes aren’t new, but the pace of losses is unexpected.

The reasons for backfiring market are increased inflation rates in the US, lowered investor trust, global geo-political changes, economic issues, regulations, and sanctions from big powers like China, etc. All these factors have somehow affected the market, leading to speedy losses.

Resemblance to Beanie Babies and dot-com stocks?

Some market analysts are referring to the current losses resembling Beanie Babies and dot-com stocks. The reason for this feeling is the staggering similarity between crypto and the mentioned commodities. They resemble how they rose, attracted investors, and created a hype of being cool. Though there are a lot of resemblances, the main difference is that of pragmatic utilities.

In both cases, investors proved to be taking risks, speculating values, and looking for profits greedily. But this is not the end point because crypto has brought an elaborate concept of economy and how it will benefit the investors. Users on different platforms have rejected the idea that crypto is dead. Instead, the current recession is seen as the correction point for the market. The current stage is the movement from the hype stage to stability. It will leave the greedy and unaware speculators out of the market. While those who have a working knowledge of crypto will stay.

In contrast, Beanie Babies and dot-com stocks attracted considerable investments, but that was not firmly based. They didn’t offer any revolutionary change, while crypto’s case is different. Also, experts see technologies behind this market in their nascent stage which will refine and develop.

Ray of hope

The current situation is bleak for crypto like Bitcoin, and other coins are seeing a speedy drop, but it is not the end. Instead, the decreasing value is an indication of the horde of problems that plague the global economy. If the aforementioned indicators improve, the global crypto market will also improve. The benefit of the current stage will be an enhancement in its technologies.

It will attract experts as big firms look forward to the blockchain system. The future belongs to the blockchain system and its corollary technologies. So, there is a rare possibility that it will vanish. The only chance of it happening is the sanctions from the US, EU, or any other big power, and there are rare chances of it.


The changing situation for the crypto market has continued as fluctuations have deprived it of a significant value. The value of Bitcoin has continued to see liquidations as sell-offs have increased. There is no need to lose hope as this market has seen multiple dips and might recover soon. So, it is not dead yet and will be back soon. 

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