Launchpads Provide Regular Investors With Better Opportunities

Before launchpads were a thing, buying presale tokens were uncommon. When crypto first came into existence, crypto projects did not go through a presale phase but instead just publicly launched. A prime example of this is Bitcoin as it was the first cryptocurrency to exist. Obviously, the crypto market was nowhere near the same as it is now, but the concept of low token prices was the same. In Bitcoin’s earlier stages, each token could be purchased for only $1, which is similar to presale tokens now. 

In the current market, launchpads provide regular investors with better opportunities as they promote various projects in presale. With the intention of helping upcoming projects build a community and raise funds ahead of their official launch, users are also provided with a chance to invest in strong projects early for low costs. If the project receives major success in the long-term, these token holders will be rewarded with bigger profits.

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What Makes A Presale Project Reliable?

When searching for presale projects, users may feel hesitant to purchase tokens at such an early stage. Unsure of its success, it seems to be a big risk. However, it is important to research the project you are considering investing in to check its reliability, safety, and quality. 

Before launchpads, this was difficult to do. However, with the use of launchpads today, it has become much easier to find reliable projects as many launchpads have a thorough vetting process in which all projects are put through to be evaluated. Therefore, the projects promoted on these launchpads have been checked for trustworthiness as well as their potential to succeed in the long term. 

Which Launchpads Are The Better Ones To Use?

As the market has grown quickly, it has become quite saturated quickly. Whilst some are better than others, they all differ significantly. Some launchpads prefer to focus on a specific area of the market such as gaming or NFTs, whereas others prefer to promote a wide range of projects so they can target a wider range of crypto enthusiasts. 

One of the most diverse and unique launchpads in the market is BoostX. It is a multi-chain that promotes presale projects built on Ethereum, Solana, BNB Chain, Polygon, and Terra. BoostX ensures to promote a varied selection of projects, from meme coins to DeFi projects so all users can find a reliable project of their liking. 

Additionally, BoostX is unique as it holds a feature no other launchpad does; a dynamic dashboard. This provides project creators with the freedom and flexibility to customise their project’s presale. From pricing to user bonuses, every project promoted by BoostX is unique. Hence, many users like to use this launchpad for its great choice. 

Similarly, Polkastarter is another great launchpad to use. Also being multi-chain and providing users with a wide selection of projects, users can trust Polkastarter with picking only the best projects. 

Furthermore, Polkstarter does not focus on a particular niche and promotes all types of projects for its users to choose from. With over 35,000 users.

Why Investing In Presale Projects Provide Better Opportunities?

Many crypto users prefer to invest in established coins, however, they do not provide the same opportunities as presale projects do. By being an early token holder, you have the chance to grow with the community and possibly have a say in the development of the project (depending on which one you invest in). Additionally, purchasing tokens for low costs means that if the token rises in value over time, these token holders will be able to earn bigger profits. Nevertheless, it is best to conduct further research as purchasing crypto tokens comes with a risk.

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