Logium – the first platform to long and short any token – Launching on July 11

Logium, the first platform to permit long and short positions in any token, had its beta-launched on June 20, 2022, with the official launch that will be on the 11th of July.

As the platform enters the decentralized solutions market, you gain access to an investment environment in which you get the chance to bet either up or down, make use of multipliers, and make a prediction about the future value of any token published on Uniswap. 

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Take advantage of preexisting bets or make your own prediction about the value of your preferred tokens to win and make a profit. You will have the chance to trade short or long or leverage for more than 500 cryptocurrencies using the platform provided by Logium.

Logium – what is it? 

To put it simply, Logium is a decentralized derivatives market where users may place bets with one another on the price movement of a token of their choice. For each cryptocurrency traded on Uniswap, users may use the multiplier tool to foretell its future value. 

Also, currently, Logium does not provide all of the tokens that will be included in the official launch.

The number of tokens Logium offers is not the only advantage. The platform is considered safe and secure because it does not store its users’ assets, all transactions on the site are P2P, and the network’s decentralized contract makes its trade records easily accessible to anybody to check. 

Logium’s primary function is to bring a reliable solution to liquidity issues. Using Logium, users are able to bet on any Uniswap token, regardless of its trading volume. In contrast to other platforms, Logium lets users play on all available tokens, short or long. Whereas on many other platforms, such an opportunity just does not exist.

How does it work?

Logium’s approach is straightforward since the P2P betting platform enables users to leverage and trade any assets listed on Uniswap, including more than 500 different cryptocurrencies. However, since Logium is now in its beta launch phase, more tokens will be made accessible every day. 

In order to become a member of the Logium Ecosystem, you simply need to connect to the Metamask wallet. The platform will also integrate Coinbase Wallet, Formatic, Portis, and Wallet Connect in the upcoming updates.

Once linked, you can choose any token you want to bet on or choose one from the recommended list. And with the leverage function, you may increase your gains exponentially. 

At the moment, users are allowed to bet up to 10 tokens, including ETH, BTC, SHIB, HEX, and APE. 

Professionally, the bet is referred to as an option or position in a P2P agreement between two users over the future price of any ERC20 asset of their choosing. This can roughly be understood as a situation in which one user may wager against another user in the system, with each of them making a separate prediction about the direction of the price change. 

Only one member in the Logium system can win and get the whole payout from the other users’ wagers if they guess correctly. 

The winners get paid after a certain amount of time, ranging from one hour up to 30 days.

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