Making Crypto History: Will Logarithmic Finance (LOG) Repeat The Success Of Ethereum (ETH) And EOS (EOS) Following Its Launch? 

Over the recent years, the crypto market has become overly saturated with new coins joining the industry all the time. However, while some of these projects become leading cryptocurrencies, others tend to fall apart during the process, failing to become a part of the crypto world. 

During the early stages of the initial development period when a token is offered in presale, it is possibly the best time to evaluate the new project and decide whether to become its early adopter. History has shown that early token holders have made astounding profits after the public launches of such cryptocurrencies like Ethereum (ETH) and EOS (EOS)

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Logarithmic Finance (LOG) launch is currently in the spotlight and expectations were high after a wildly successful presale which saw LOG rise almost 600%. Its growing popularity in the crypto community is plain to see and improves its chances of long-term viability and success. The launch followed in the footsteps of the presale and has seen LOG’s value skyrocket further.


How Does Logarithmic Finance (LOG) Crypto Showcase Its Potential?

Logarithmic Finance (LOG) – a Layer-3 swapping protocol – will ensure smooth interaction between innovators and investors. The project will combine a user-friendly interface and Web 3.0 capabilities to strengthen the platform’s infrastructure. 

The key goal of Logarithmic Finance is to empower its community by providing the finest Decentralised Finance (DeFi) solutions that solve the existing challenges and issues of this industry sector. 

Logarithmic Finance’s multi-chain ecosystem will allow users to raise funds on several notable blockchain networks. This includes but is not limited to Ethereum (ETH), Solana (SOL), Tezos (XTZ), Avalanche (AVAX), Polygon (MATIC), and Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The LOG development team promises that this is just the beginning of the project’s abilities, which will be developed and improved further.

The LOG token is built on the ECR-20 token standard and will serve utility and governance purposes. The token holders will be eligible for an extensive variety of benefits, such as staking rewards, discounted gas fees, high-yield investment options, exclusive pools access, and several other opportunities. 

As one of the projects facilitated by an advanced multi-chain launchpad BoostX, Logarithmic Finance performed comparatively well during its presale period. With an over 500% increase over a few weeks, the token is expected to attract even wider attention after its public launch

Making Crypto History: Will Logarithmic Finance (LOG) Repeat The Success Of Ethereum (ETH) And EOS (EOS) Following Its Launch?  1

How Did Ethereum (ETH) And EOS (EOS) Make Crypto History?

Happening way before the ICO boom of 2017-2018, Ethereum’s launch day back in 2014 is still remembered by many crypto enthusiasts. It raised an impressive sum of $2.3million – over 7 million ETH back then. 

Currently, the second-largest cryptocurrency based on the market cap, Ethereum (ETH) is considered one of the most valuable investment choices. Starting with its presale, Ethereum’s popularity rose significantly year after year. 

EOS (EOS) is certainly a presale champion with an exceptional $4.2 billion raised in funds over a year-long ICO period. Focusing on providing developers with straightforward solutions to design decentralised applications (dApps), EOS is now one of the most popular blockchain platforms that prioritise scalability much more than its competitors. 

Will Logarithmic Finance (LOG) follow the footsteps of Ethereum (ETH) and EOS (EOS)? Crypto experts suggest that it is likely to happen because of the project’s distinctive roadmap and well-designed features. You can find more information about this new and exciting project via the links below. 




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